Responsive Smart Desk – The 37°C  Smart Home Magic desk

The 37°C  Smart Home Magic desk is a gesture-controlled Responsive Smart Desk that analyzes the user gestures and responds accordingly by increasing or decreasing its height. The way how it works is really simple. If you wish to increase the height of the desk, you just need to keep your hands above the desk and slowly move your hands up and the desk pulls up its height according to your hand’s movement. You do a similar activity for decreasing the height as well. The Gesture Controlled feature ensures that you are putting in nearly zero strenuous manual activity to adjust the height of your workstation.

Gesture Controlled Height Adjustment is not just the only notable feature of this Responsive Smart Desk. Yet another feature is the presence of a Smart Control Module and a Smart Lamp. The Control Module and the Smart Lamp are associated structures, meaning they are connected to each other.

The Smart Control Module comes loaded with User Caring features such as Distance Control Alarm and Working Time Alarm. With the Distance Control Alarm, the Control Module gives off an alarm and reminds you if you are coming too close to the desk for more than a specified amount of time. This helps to ensure that you are always at a minimum distance while reading, writing or while working on your laptop or tablet.

The Working Time Alarm sets off an alarm and reminds you if you have been working for a long time. It reminds you to take small breaks and then come back to your work. This friendly reminder could useful for people who work so continuously that they sometimes lost track of time.

Apart from these, the Smart Control Module also supports Wireless Charging  QI Ports for your smartphones and also hosts a USB Charging capability for those phones that do not have wireless charging functionalities. The battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh and should be enough to fuel up most of the smartphones.

The Smart Lamp is associated with the Control Module and has 3 Lighting Modes for your assistance –

  • Screen Mode – Ideal when working on Laptops or Tablets
  • Reading Mode – Ideal for Reading or Writing Activites
  • Focus Mode – All notifications disabled, with full brightness light for that piece of work requiring the most focus

Apart from the above lighting modes, the brightness can also be adjusted manually as per the need of the user, through the Control Unit. The Control Unit and the Smart Lamp are portable and can be taken to and used on other desks or workstations as well. Hence it does not really restrict you to one table.

The Smart Lamp is also equipped with Human Detection Functionalities. It Automatically turns on once you are at the desk and turns off after a specified amount of time after you have left.

One question that you might ask would be – why would one need to even put controls in a desk or a workstation. Is that not something in which one sits down and works as it is. Technically, that’s not the case. Sitting too long it the wrong posture works similar to slow poisons. You do not come to know of the side-effects unless you start experiencing posture issues and paints. By the time you start experiencing these issue, it would have become too late. Hence it is really necessary that proper checks are kept to ensure that you maintain the correct posture suited for your neck and back muscles and also your eyes.

Considering the fact that you move at least times within a span of fewer than 10 minutes actually makes sitting down at a workstation a dynamic task. At times, you had to pull the table closer or push it away a little to have the best writing experience. Often, you may have also felt the need of having a higher or a shorter table. Even though there are lots of Height-Adjustable tables in the market, most of them are inefficient and require a lot of manual effort in adjusting the height. What good is a Smart Home, if you are being made to put in a lot of manual effort.

37°C  Smart Home Magic desk does a fantastic job of taking care of you on all of those long or short working hours. It ensures that you are sitting in the correct posture by helping you adjust the table height, and also ensures that you are at a minimum distance from the desk while working.

Coming to the looks, so far from what we have seen in the images and videos, the 37°C  Smart Home Magic desk looks really premium and minimalistic at the same time. Though being minimalistic, it comes loaded with almost everything that a user might need at the desk – A Smart Assistant at the desk to remind you of your postures, A Smart Lamp that takes care of your eyes and a Smart Control Unit for charging your phone and also to check your posture.

This Responsive Smart Desk – The 37°C  Smart Home Magic desk is a fantastic piece of innovation and a must-have item for your Automated Office Setting.