Ring Door View Cam, The Smartest Door Peephole

The Ring Door View Cam is the smartest peephole that your Smart Home Door could possibly have. The Door View Cam is one of the latest additions by Ring to its list of Video Doorbells.

However, unlike other doorbells from Ring, the Door View Cam has got its own set of features that sets it apart. The difference, or rather, the advantage associated with the Door View Cam is its easiness in ergonomic usage and installation.

All you need to install this device is a Peephole on your door, which by the way almost all homes have. The Ring Door View Cam can be directly attached to either side of the peephole on your door. This saves you the effort, time and money required in drilling your doors and setting up the wiring required for setting up conventional doorbells.

Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor, Ring, in an interview with TechHive was seen as mentioning the inspiration behind the creation of the Ring Door View Cam. It was indeed the customer needs that triggered the idea of this Smart Peephole.

He said that he started receiving emails from Customers who were moving from Homes to Apartments on the need of having Ring Video doorbells at their apartments. It was then when Ring started thinking upon how to modify the current systems to build something which could be easily transported by the customers.

Ring Door View cam is perfect for apartments and people renting houses. This is attributed to the fact that the installation of this device completely rules out drilling the walls and wiring installations. Set up is simple and straight forward. All you have to do is take out your current peephole lens and attach the Door View Cam. The device is powered by replaceable batteries hence replacing the need for wiring and a power socket.

The Motion Detection in the Door View Cam is pretty smart as it does not detect each and every person that passes by the apartment. It detects only those people who have been at the door for more than 3 or 4 seconds. This helps in avoiding unnecessary alerts and confusion. Once detected, the notifications are sent to the user’s phone.

Ring Door View Cam

Knock Notifications are sent to user | Source – Ring

Door View Cam also has sensors for detecting knocks on the door. This is useful so because, unlike other doorbells, the chances of visitors clicking the bell on the Door View Cam are relatively low. This is the first device from Ring to actually have Door Knock Sensors.

Ring doorview cam

Optica Peephole, 1080p Camera and Bell Button | Source – Ring

Like other Ring Video Doorbells, the Door View Cam also comes with HD Video recording and a two-way communication facility with which you can interact with the visitors. The device has two lenses on the front side. The upper lens (and the bigger one) is an optical peephole lens and the lower one (smaller) is a 1080p HD Video Camera.

Combining the Ring Door View Cam with Alexa devices, the Echo Show, for example, can further help you access the live footage of your door front remotely.

The exact release date for the Door View Cam has not yet been announced and is expected to be available a bit later in 2019. For now, interested folks can subscribe at Ring for alerts on the launch.