Now Anyone Can Make Rotis With the Fully Automatic Rotimatic

Rotimatic is a Fully Automated Device which is completely capable of making Rotis on its own. All you have to do is feed the necessary ingredients into the Rotimatic, turn on the process and you can have ready to eat Rotis in no time.

Making Rotis manually is a task which clearly requires a lot of time and effort. You have to take flour and then mix it with the right amount of water, mix the same thoroughly and then flatten the mixture uniformly depending upon the desired thickness. Then comes the cooking part, where you actually roast these into consumable Rotis. It’s a bit of a long process. If you plan to make Rotis this way, you are definitely not going to reach your office or send your kids to school, on time.

Such situations are where The Rotimatic comes in. As mentioned above, all you have to do is supply the input ingredients – which would be Flour, Water, and Oil. Once the ingredients are loaded, you can customize the preparation depending on your needs on the Preferences Menu.


Do not let the name ‘Rotimatic’ misguide you to¬†believe that it can create only Rotis. You have a variety of products to choose from. On the preference menu, you have the option of selecting the type of Flat Bread that you want to create. The options include Roti, Puri, Pizza, and others. For now, the Roti and the Puri options are up and running and the Pizza option is currently under Beta Testing Phase.

After selecting the type of Flat Bread of your choice, you can then select the type of flour you have loaded. Typical examples of these include Asshirvad Multi-Grain, Aashiravd Select, Pillsbury, Sujata etc. You have a wide variety of flour types to choose from so that you don’t have to compromise with your favorite Flour Brand. Getting familiarized the input Flour helps the Rotimatic in identifying the optimal conditions for cooking the loaded flour. You can adjust the Thickness, Roast Level, Oil etc to make the Rotis of your choice. After being set and done setting the preferences, press the start button and you have ready to eat Rotis.

The typical time taken for creating a Flat Bread from Flour is approximately 90s, which is quite fast considering the fact that there is no manual intervention in the middle. Hence the Rotimatic helps save a lot of time making it an ideal pick for those speedy breakfasts or takeaway lunches for your kids.

The fact that Rotimatic eliminates all the manual steps from preparing the flour to roasting the flatbreads, it completely waives off the hectic cleaning activities. Had you created the Roti’s¬†manually, by the time you are done, you would have a lot of cleaning to be done – from the flour mixing bowl to the frying pan. But with the Rotimatic, you just have to clean the input containers and other processing containers, all of which are completely Dishwater compatible making the cleaning activity a piece of cake Also since all the associated containers stay well within the Rotimatic chassis, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen slabs too.

Since the Rotimatic is configurable on almost every aspect of making flatbreads, it doesn’t really matter if you are an expert cook or not, in the matter of making tasty Rotis. Just play around with the settings of the Rotimatic a couple of times and anyone can create tasty ready to eat Rotis.

The Rotimatic is fully safe since it doesn’t employ any additional taste enhancers. You actually decide what ingredients, and how much of each goes into the preparation. It helps you create the Rotis just the way you want them. For eg, If you have a cholesterol issue, there is absolutely nothing to worry about – you get to control the amount of oil that goes into preparation.

The Rotimatic is a smart device. It can be connected your smartphone via wifi. Hence you don’t have to be present in its vicinity to create Rotis. Let us say, on the way back from the office you suddenly feel like eating Rotis when you get home. All you have to do is connect to the Rotimatic from your smartphone and order it to make Rotis. By the time you get home, you shall have hot and fluffy Rotis waiting for you. But if you are in the vicinity, you get to actually see the Rotis getting puffed.

The Rotimatic is an invention that is highly Innovative, Ergonomic, Safe and Useful. It could be of tremendous help in the kitchen. If you are a food enthusiast and loves flatbreads, The Rotimatic is for you. If interested in owning this piece of innovation, get it at the Rotimatic Offical Store.




Images – Rotimatic