Top Reasons to Buy Rotimatic


Rotimatic is a device that is capable of creating Rotis and other flatbread items on it. The only expectation from the user is to feed the necessary ingredients into the device.

That being said, there are plenty of  such automated devices in the market. Read on to find out why you should choose Rotimatic.

Baking Rotis in Rotimatic is easy, quick, and fully automated

Making Rotis manually is a task which clearly requires a lot of time and effort. This starts with mixing the right amount of water with the right amount of flour and flattening the mixture. But that’s just the start. Then comes the part where you actually spend the most time – baking rotis.

This is where the Rotimatic finds use. As mentioned above, the roti preparation is fully automated and all you have to do is supply the input ingredients such as Flour, Water, and Oil. Once the ingredients are loaded, you then customize the preparation in the preferences menu, and the device then bakes the rotis for you.

The typical time taken by the Rotimatic for creating a Flat Bread from Flour is approximately 90s, which is quite fast. This makes it a great pick for making  speedy breakfasts or quick takeaway lunches.


Rotimatic Can also make Pizzas and Tortillas

Apart from Rotis, Rotimatic can also create a variety of other flat bread dishes.  oti, Puri, Pizza, and others. For now, the Roti and the Puri options are up and running and the Pizza option is currently under Beta Testing Phase.

Roti preparation is completely safe

Since you are the only person who gets to decide what ingredients, and how much of each goes into the preparation, Rotimatic creates Rotis just the way you want them. Good news for cholestrol patients – you get to control the amount of oil that goes into preparation. No further taste makers are used in the preparation.


Rotimatic can be remotely controlled

The Rotimatic is a smart device and hence can be controlled remotely via your smartphone.  This is particularly useful for working professionals as all they have to do is trigger the baking process while on their way home. By the time they are home, the rotis are ready for consumption.

Overall,  Rotimatic is a pretty good pick for Roti lovers, and people with a busy daily schedule as this device reducing the cooking effort by a huge margin.

Images – Rotimatic