Samsung Introduces The ‘Always On’ Galaxy Book S


The all-new Galaxy Book S marks Samsung’s entry into the world of Hybrid Laptops. When we say Hybrid Laptops, we refer to devices with the computation power of laptops combined with a selected few beneficial smartphone features.

Samsung states that the Galaxy Book S was inspired from the idea of integrating the benefits associated with smartphones on to a computing system to provide a laptop which is lightweight, compact, fast, compatible with LTE, and has a very high battery backup capacity.

Though the ultra slim and compact body of the Galaxy Book S could become a widely preferred selling point, the main attraction of the device is its battery backup and Always On feature.

samsung galaxy book s
Samsung Galaxy Book S | Source – Samsung Newsroom

Samsung says that the 42 Wh battery of the Galaxy Book S can operate up to 23 hours of video playback on a single charge. That means, you can charge the device once and use it for the entire day – similar to how you do do with your smartphones.

With the Galaxy Book S, Samsung introduces the idea of an ‘Always On’ laptop. Unlike the conventional laptops where you have to turn the system On/Off based on your needs, the Galaxy book is always awake with an Instant – On functionality.

When you turn ‘On’ the power button, the device immediately boots up, all ready for use. If you look at it, this is exactly how your smartphone works. When not in use, you do not keep it turned off all the time. Instead, the system goes to a standby/sleep mode after few minutes of inactivity from which it can revive itself back to full functionality and performance with the the touch of a button.

Samsung Galaxy Book S | Source – Samsung Newsroom

The ‘Always On’ idea in the Galaxy Book S is pretty much suited for the current times – people now actually prefer to have instant access to all of their devices. Even slightest boot and load times are now being rolled away with.

Two main hardware capabilities make the Always-On approach possible in the Galaxy Book S are the high battery capacity, and the Qualcomm 8cx compute platform.

As mentioned prior, the current battery of the Galaxy Book S promises a video playback capacity of 23 hours with a single charge. Though Samsung did mention that these numbers were based on lab tests, we could expect to receive more or less the same backup capacity in real time. This ensures that even when not being used, the laptop does not get turned off.

The Qualcomm 8cx Compute Platform is also built to support the combination of smartphone features into a very powerful and compact computing system such as a laptop. The platform also hosts other features such as 5G, multi-gigabyte LTE, and advanced AI Architectures that support the functionalities of a hybrid laptop.


Yet another feature that complements the ‘Always On’ design is the ability to seamlessly connect your phone with the Galaxy Book S. You can easily sync your phone with the laptop and receive text, notifications, and other phone services directly in your laptop. You can also directly access the photos and videos taken in your phone from your laptop. This not only promotes ease in accessing data files, but also adds additional computing power to operations based out of your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S comes with 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home/Pro 13.3″ FHD display with 16:9 aspect ratio, and Internal storage of 256/512 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S Book is expected to be launched later this year at a price tag of $999 in the US.