Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Best Among Non-Active Noise Cancellation Earphones


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has been in the market for nearly three months now. Opened to mixed reviews, the Galaxy Buds Plus did not receive the credit it deserved. The truth is that the Galaxy Buds Plus was underrated for its features and listening experience.

Read on for a comprehensive review of Galaxy Buds Plus, and how they differ from the original Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Design is modernistic and compact

Galaxy Buds Plus retains a design similar to that of the Galaxy Buds. Though the earbuds and the case with their glossy texture look modern, it does lack a premium feel.

The Galaxy Buds Plus with the case is quite compact and lightweight and can be easily slid into your pockets. The exterior of the case has Samsung and AKG branding, and a USB-C port for charging.

galaxy buds plus review

Like most wireless earphone cases, the case lid is operated by the combination of a hinge and a magnetic closure that gives off the traditional click sound when closed.

Galaxy Buds Plus is carefully designed to not stick out too much when kept in the ear and comes with adjustable earbud sizes. The earbuds fit well into the ears, and since they are made of a rubber-like material, they seal the ear almost fully from outside noise, aiding in the noise cancellation feature.

The earbuds have capacitive touch surfaces for playback controls and volume adjustments.

Galaxy Buds Plus is offered in 5 glossy finished shades of black, purple, red, white and cloud blue.

Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Sound quality and hearing experience are the best among headphones with No Active Noise Cancellations

Sound Quality with the Galaxy Buds Plus is simply amazing. Honestly, we did not expect such good quality sound from a $150 wireless headphone.

Galaxy Buds Plus’ hardware does a good job of identifying and separating different frequencies. This is achieved with the help of a tweeter for high frequencies, two separate drivers, and a woofer for handling bass. Thanks to this hardware combination, the Galaxy Buds Plus provides a clear differentiation of low, mid, and high notes, commendable bass output, and high volume levels.

Call quality with the Galaxy Buds Plus is also better as compared to other earphones in its segment. The 3 mic setup does a good job of providing decent call quality.

Though there is no active noise cancellation feature (which you cannot expect from a $150 headphone anyway), it does a good job of isolating external noise. As mentioned earlier, the earbuds almost completely seal the ears reducing the amount of sound that can penetrate from outside.

galaxy buds plus review

Galaxy Buds Plus is a clear winner in terms of battery life. The buds plus has a battery life of up to 11 hours for the earbuds, and 22 hours when coupled with the case. The long battery backup ensures uninterrupted usage for an entire day or more. The case can be charged wirelessly or from a power outlet by using a USB C-type cable.

If the Galaxy Buds Plus had an Active Noise Cancellation feature, the battery life would have been lower.

The user experience with the Galaxy Buds Plus is equally good with both iPhones and Android phones, but the initial setup is easier with a Samsung phone.

Galaxy Buds Plus Setup

Galaxy Buds are quick to set up and use. The setup is relatively easier for Android users as they would already have either SmartThings or Galaxy Apps installed.

Provided that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, when the case is opened, an earbud detection window automatically pops up on your phone. Post you click on ‘Connect’, the rest of the setup runs automatically, followed by a quick tour of the functionalities.

Apple users will need to download the Galaxy Buds Plus app from the App Store and do the first pairing manually. For the successive uses, the buds can pair on their own every time the case is opened.

Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Pricing

Samsung has swung quite the strategy with the Galaxy Buds Plus’s pricing. For all the great features this earphone carries, it is priced at just $150 and can be bought at Amazon, Samsung’s official online store, or any online/offline retailers.

Currently, Amazon is also offering a bundled option wherein you can get the Galaxy Buds Plus and a wireless fast charging pad for $170. Unless you have a phone that supports wireless charge sharing, we would highly recommend going with the bundled option as this gives you a wireless fast charging pad for just an additional $20.

Galaxy Buds Plus vs Galaxy Buds – Which one to go for?

Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus share similar design language with almost no visible differences in both the buds and charging cases. However, when it comes to performance, battery capacity, and certain other features, both the earbuds share a lot of differences.

Galaxy Buds Plus has twice the battery life as that of the Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Buds Plus with an 85 mAh battery provides 11 hours of battery backup without the case, and up to 22 hours with the case. The Galaxy Buds, on the other hand, with its 58 mAh battery provides 6 hours without the charging case and up to 13 hours with the case.

Owing to a larger battery, Galaxy Buds Plus is slightly heavier than the Galaxy Buds. However, this difference is not noticeable on a day to day usage.


Though both the Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds have a quick charge feature, the efficiency varies. The quick charge feature in the Galaxy Buds Plus is more efficient and can provide one hour of battery life with just 3 minutes of charge. The Galaxy Buds, however, needs a 15-minute charging for providing 1.7 hours of battery life.

Galaxy Buds Plus with its dual-driver setup offers better sound quality than the Galaxy Buds. The calling experience is also better with the Galaxy Buds Plus as it has an extra external microphone.

Galaxy Buds, currently available at around $100 or lower is cheaper than the Galaxy Buds Plus that sells at $150. Refurbished versions of the Galaxy Buds are even cheaper and can be bought at around a $50 range.

The Galaxy Buds Plus is definitely the better pick than the Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Should you buy one?

Overall, the Galaxy Buds Plus is an excellent wireless headphone and the best among all the currently available non-active noise-canceling headphones.

It has a compact design, a really good sound quality, satisfying hearing experience, and a very long battery life, all at an affordable price tag.

We highly recommend the Galaxy Buds Plus for anyone looking for an affordable wireless earbud with the good sound quality and a long battery life. Owing to its sound quality we would recommend the Galaxy Buds Plus for audiophiles too.

For existing Galaxy Buds users, an upgrade to the Galaxy Buds Plus is definitely worth the extra investment as you get a much-improvised version with better sound quality, improved mic, and a longer battery life.