How Selenium is powering Oxbotica Self-Driving Cars

Oxbotica Self-Driving Cars are powered by the Autonomous Control System, the Selenium. The Selenium is a software suite that forms the crux of Environment Sensing Process.

Selenium plays the lead software role in sensing and analyzing the environment around Oxbotica’s Self-Driving Cars. This is done so with the help of sensors and other environment sensing technical frameworks such as cameras, lasers, and radars attached to the car.

According to Oxbotica, the Selenium is all about the car understanding its position, what’s around the car and the next possible steps. These three major factors determine the actions of any Self-Driving Car.

A thorough analysis of the surroundings is followed by an immediate decision to maneuver safely in the right direction. Selenium first completes a full analysis of the surroundings detecting obstacles (people, vehicles or any other animate/inanimate objects) and then accordingly comes up with a course of action that includes finding the best possible route to the destination.


An Oxbotica Self-Driving Car | Source – Oxbotica

Oxbotica seems to be doing pretty well in terms of a startup company competing against some of the most established auto players in the Self-Driving Segment. A couple of examples include their partnership with Addison Lee and adding Fasin Robinson to its board of directors.

As a part of deploying Self-Driving Cars in London by 2021, Oxbotica has started mapping the streets of London starting from Canary Wharf.

As cited by Andy Boland, CEO Addison Lee Group, the Mapping Process forms the first and foremost step in the process of deploying Self-Driving Cars in London.

Dr. Graeme Smith, the CEO of Oxbotica outlines the importance of the Mapping Process as follows. The surrounding of the car is mapped in 3-D using the sensors. The mapping process will cover road signs, traffic signals, roads, and turns. This will help the car in understanding what is actually around it, rather than being aware of its location alone. The map which is collected in advance is then compiled and analyzed with the map the car collects in real-time to help the car to successfully navigate autonomously.

Since the Mapping Process is all about mapping the surroundings in 3-D using sensors and understanding what is around the car, Selenium is sure to have a major role in the process.

Since Oxbotica itself is a software company working on Self-Driving technology, we could expect Selenium to be a global product which can be used by other companies working in the Self-Driving Segment.