Self-Driving Suitcase Ovis Makes Travel Truly ‘Hands -Free’

Self-Driving Suitcase Ovis is what makes the phrase ‘Hands-Free Travel’ both meaningful and practical.

This innovative Travel Accessory, developed by ForwardX Robotics could be the next big name in the Smart Travel Segment.

Ovis is that Suitcase which you don’t have to carry at all, let alone even pay attention. It is capable of driving on its own beside the owner, at all times.  While doing so it maintains the same speed as the owner by avoiding any obstacle in its path The only manual effort required is in loading/unloading the suitcase at check-in counters or cars.

The Self-Driving feature of the Ovis is made possible with the help of a combination of Cameras and Sensors designed into the handles as well as the body of the Suitcase. This navigation suit of Cameras and Sensors combined with specially developed Neural Networks help the device to navigate autonomously.

Once the suitcase is turned on and the handle pulled up, Ovis moves by the side of the user maintaining the same pace as that of the user. Once it runs into an obstacle, it then changes its course and moves behind the user until the obstacle is out of its path. Hence, with Ovis, you need not even bother about the existence of your luggage.

In case of any unexpected situations where you do not want Ovis to Self-Drive, all you have to do is take the handle to switch into manual mode.

Though the distinctive feature of Ovis is that is a Self-Driving Suitcase, it does come loaded with a lot of features that aid in ensuring a seamless and smooth travel experience.

The suitcase comes with a Smart Wrist Band which can be used for regulating the functions as well as monitoring the suitcase. Apart from this, the Wrist Band is also associated with multiple use cases.

Ovis features a Digital Locking system. It will be unlocked on detecting the armband in close proximity. Since Ovis drives on its own, to ensure that the user does not drift too far away from it, the armband has a built-in proximity measurement system. Once the user moves 2 meters away from Ovis, the armband gives off an alarm signal to gather the user attention.

Ovis is also equipped with GPS Tracking Technology. Hence, even if your luggage gets lost or stolen, you can easily track its location via the Ovis App. This adds an additional security check that you do not find in any of your conventional backpacks.

Apart from tracking the suitcase position, the Ovis App also finds use in measuring the Luggage Weight, Monitoring Lock Status, and Battery Life. The App is currently available for use in iOS and Android devices.

This Self-Driving Suitcase is also equipped with in-built power banks for USB-Charging your electronic devices. Ovis is powered by a 96 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery fitted at the bottom of the suitcase. The battery is removable making it convenient to pass Ovis through Airport Security checks.

Since Ovis is a suitcase by birth, its main objective is in carrying luggage and it does a pretty good job of doing so. It has notable efficiency in accommodating user luggage. It hosts a spacious 34 Litre cabin which is just enough for any short to medium travels. The cabin is also waterproof thereby securing your belongings from rain or accidental spills.

Ovis is a pure piece of innovation packed with beneficial features – Convenience, Safety, Utility, Luggage Tracking, and Anti-Theft. Apart from the features mentioned above, using the Ovis has a definite ‘Cool’ factor associated with it – Imaging yourself walking in an airport with a Self-Driving Suitcase that follows you all along.

Ovis is a perfect pick for all travel enthusiasts who favor a convenient and tension-free journey.


Video Courtesy – ForwardX Robotics