Setting Up Ring Camera and Alexa Is a 5 Minute Task

Setting up Ring Camera and Alexa can be the simplest of the tasks that you may have ever undertaken. Though initially, Ring was not a common name in the Smart Home Segment, it seems that with respect to their performance, Ring Smart Home Devices are creating a name for their own.

Each of the Ring Devices, when coupled with Smart Assistants such as Alexa and Google Smart Assistants can be made to perform a lot of versatile operations.

Ring Camera and Alexa

A Ring Video Doorbell Pro | Source – Ring

A major chunk of the setup between the Ring Camera and Alexa revolves around the Amazon Alexa App and the Ring Alexa Skill. Hence lets first start with installing the Ring Skill.

Open the Alexa Application. In the menu, navigate to skills where you can search for and enable the Ring Skills. Enabling will take you to Ring where you will need to login to your Ring Account to grant the permissions required for syncing.

On successful validation, you will receive a message saying that Ring Video Doorbell has been successfully linked, assuming that the device that is being set up is the Ring Video Doorbell. Similar steps are to be followed for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or any other Ring Security Devices for that matter

You can now go back to the Alexa Application and navigate to ‘Smart Home’ section in the menu and then click on the ‘+’ button to add and configure a new device. Alexa will now search for the available devices. Once done, your Ring Doorbell will now come up in the earlier Smart Home Section along with other Smart Home Devices that you had may have configured earlier.

All set and done, you can use your Amazon Alexa Powered devices such as Echo show to have a live stream of your front door via the Ring Video Doorbell. Apart from having a connected functionality, the main point to note here is that the Ring Video Doorbell supports dual way communication.

You can directly ask Alexa, “Show me the front door” and Alexa will show you live footage of the front door. Visitors can interact with you through the doorbell as well.