Should I Buy an iPhone XR in 2020?


iPhone XR has been around for quite some time now. Even though it underwent a lot of initial criticism for its LCD display, the XR quickly picked up and went on to become the best selling iPhone of the year (the sale number being around 46 million).

Being the only 2018 released iPhone still being sold by Apple, XR still remains the favourite iPhone to a vast majority of Apple lovers.

A lot of people are now skeptical as to whether they should buy the iPhone XR in 2020 or not. This doubt comes from a common notion that the iPhone XR may not really have enough tech juice to take on the newest generation smartphones of 2020. That is not quite correct though.

iPhone XR | Source – Apple

Let us have a detailed look at how the iPhone XR and its features hold up in 2020.

I’ll start with the part for which the iPhone XR was criticised the most – its display. The XR hosts a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD IPS LCD Display with 1792×828 pixel at 326 ppi.

Though these numbers point towards a screen which is slightly more than 720p, it does note mean that the display is bad. In reality, the iPhone XR screen looks and feels really good and is closer towards a 1080p display than a 720p display, and is in fact comparable with that of the XS and, even the 11 pro.

Unless you keep the XR beside the XS or 11 series, you wouldn’t notice the difference at all. Even when you keep them side by side, you need to have a detailed look to find out the difference.

That being said, it does not mean that there is no difference at all – The XS and 11 Pro variants have OLED screens and hence their darks and blacks look much deeper than that of the XR. The main difference will be in the darks as the LEDs cannot individually turn off lights in the backend.That again, as mentioned earlier only matters if you are doing a direct comparison of the screens side by side, and the difference is not at all notable in day to day usage. XR can easily support 1080p playback without any lag or delay. You have option of watching 1080p videos in youtube in the XR.

Source – Apple

The iPhone XR comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip with Second-Generation Neural Engine. This is the same processor used in the XS and the XS Max. Hence, when you look at the performance metric, the XR really performs as much as the XS/XS Max. Also, it is to be noted that the similarity in performance is despite the fact that the XS/XS Max comes with 4 GB RAM whereas the XR comes with 3 GB RAM. At times, the XR’s performance even catches up with the iPhone 11.

The fact that Apple decided to stick with the A12 Bionic Processor in the XR makes it a real bang for the buck. The UI operations are super responsive and fluidic as you would expect from an iPhone. Even heavy games have pretty quick load times, and can be paused/resumed instantly with zero lag.

The Battery of the iPhone XR is another commendable feature. When it comes to battery capacity, the XR far surpasses the XS and XS Max in all segments of Talk time, Internet Use and Video/Audio Playbacks.

The iPhone XR hits the jackpot when it comes to the Camera. XR has a 12 MP Wide camera with Portrait Mode, 5X Digital Zoom, LED True Tone flash, Smart HDR for photos, Optical Image Stabilisation for photos and videos, 4K Video Recording at 24/30/60 fps, Stereo Recording (you can record left and right sounds separately), Continuous Auto Focus in video recording, and other features. This enhanced Wide camera is what you find in the XS and XS Max as well.

Portrait in an iPhone XR | Source – Apple

XR scores well when it comes to low-light photography. This is owing to the fact that larger megapixels will take in more light which eventually results in increased low-light performance. XR actually takes better low-light photos than the iPhone X. iPhone XR’s front camera also supports 1080p at 60 fps with true-depth technology.

iPhone XR also comes with FaceID, splash, dust, and water resistance (IP67), iPhone X like gestures, Haptic Touch, Tap to Wake, and 6 different colours in Aluminium and Glass Designs to pick from.

Overall, the iPhone XR packs a lot of features for the price tag it carries, easily catches up and in some cases even surpasses a lot of 2020 smartphones, and yes, the iPhone XR in 2020 is definitely worth buying.