SkyBell Video Doorbell for Smart Home Security

SkyBell Video Doorbell, the SkyBell HD is a Smart Video WiFi Doorbell that could be a great addition to your Smart Home Security Pool.  With the number of poaching and theft instances on a rise on a global scale, it becomes really necessary that you keep an eye on your Smart Home at all times. You really need an extra set of eyes outside your home to make sure that everything is ‘OK’.

The SkyBell Video Doorbell could be your eyes outside your home. As the name suggests, the Doorbell is capable of providing you a live feed of what is happening at your doorsteps. Let’s have a look at the features of this Smart Video Doorbell in detail –

SkyBell Live Feed

SkyBell sends you a live feed of your doorstep as soon as a visitor presses on the doorbell. The Video feed is FULL HD and supports up to 5X Zoom so that you can have a detailed look at your visitors. The 5X Zoom functionality is also particularly helpful for old people with affected vision since zooming in gives them a better picture of the visitor. This could also be used to verify your visitors identify by checking their ID cards. The live feed can also be started anytime from the App. The live feeds are also accessible remotely, meaning you can always take a peep into your front door whenever you feel like doing so. You can take photos of the visitor from the app itself. The live stream can be viewed through the Android or Apple Application

SkyBell Video Doorbell

SkyBell Video Doorbell | Source – SkyBell


SkyBell Video Doorbell sends you notifications when the visitor presence is noted even before he/she presses the calling bell button. This ensures that no one is able to sneak up to the doorbell without you knowing so. SkyBell has Motion Sensors configured to detect the user presence if any

Talk to your Visitor in Real-time

SkyBell supports a two-way communication functionality with which you can talk to your visitor and the visitor can also talk back. This two-way communication functionality is available not just while you are at your home, but also when you are in remote locations. This feature is achieved with the help of Digital Microphone attached to the doorbell.

SkyBell Video Doorbell


SkyBell comes with a lot of features that makes the product really user-friendly. Features such as Colored Night Vision, Quiet Mode and the ability to use in any rugged environment. Colored Night Vision helps to increase the visibility of the videos at night. This helps in having a clear view of your doorstep even in the dark. Turning ‘On’ the quiet mode turns off the doorbell. This is useful in cases if you have a babies or elderly sleeping in the house. The same can also be turned off at night to ensure an undisturbed sleep.

The Doorbell is also relatively easy to setup and install as well. All the accessories required for installing the SkyBell comes within the box. SkyBell has also released a detailed video on instructions required for the installation. Hence the installation becomes a piece of cake. The device can be installed easily by almost everyone, without the need of any extra hands.

You can also configure multiple users for the same Doorbell and also multiple Doorbells within the same account. Hence, in the case of a visitor arrival, the alerts are sent to multiple users and as so in case one person is remotely located, the other person can always attend to the door.

The SkyBell is designed to work on almost any rugged temperatures, even those ranging between -40 and 140 Degree Fahrenheit.

Historic Records

SkyBell Doorbell comes with an option to store the video feeds from the past. This will help you to re-check the historical video feeds in case you feel like doing so. This serves as an additional security check and evidence in case of an attempt to break into your home.


SkyBell Video Doorbell has a really compact and finished structure with just 7.1 centimeters in diameter. The entire Doorbell  The entire doorbell has a round structure and integrated with it are Multi-Color LEDs, HD Video Camera, Motion Sensor, Digital Microphone, Main Button and Speaker.

The SkyBell Video Doorbell also comes with ‘Theft Guarantee’ in which SkyBell promises to replace the doorbell free of cost when stolen. For those who are looking forward to securing your smart home, the SkyBell Video Doorbell could be a good choice and can be bought from Amazon

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