Smart Mirrors Could Soon Become Your Personal Beauty Assistants

Are you the kind of person who talks to yourself in the mirror. If yes, the Smart Mirrors are for you. The only difference is that with this mirror, you now actually get to talk to the ‘Mirror’ instead of yourself. The CES 2019 witnessed the demonstration of some of the most innovative Smart Mirrors.

One such Smart Mirror is the Capstone Smart Mirror. The Capstone Smart Mirror is an interactive mirror from which you can call upon your Google Assistant. The interaction with the mirror happens via two types of user inputs – Voice and Touch. You can talk to the mirror as well provide your inputs on the screen.

According to a report in TechRadar, the Capstone Smart Mirror is Google Supported. If a device is Google supported, then you can do pretty much everything with that device. These include, but are not limited to Checking and replying to emails, getting traffic estimates for the route from home to work, last-minute fashion tips, playing the music video of one of your favorite tracks, getting a quick walkthrough of the news headlines or your task list for the day.

Yet another notable type of Smart Mirror in CES 2019 was introduced by LG. According to a report in TechRadar, this the LG Smart Mirror powered by Artificial Intelligence will be able to do fashion picks for you. It does so by scanning your entire body to understand the dimensions include waist size and limb lengths. Once scanned, a model resembling your figure appears on the screen. You can then customize dressing patterns for this model. As of now the Smart Mirror Project from LG is at a concept stage.

After Smart Speakers, major players in the Smart Home Industry are now shifting their focus towards increasing the smartness of commonly used household accessories.  Most of the targeted accessories are the ones that are being used on a daily basis, urging people to include more and more of smartness in their day to day activities.

Smart displays, specifically Smart Mirrors are one of those objects that we use on a daily basis. The recent past has also witnessed the rise of a large no of DIY projects where Smart Mirrors were built out of Raspberry pie based embedded systems. Here is an article from The Verge with steps on how to build your own Interactable Smart Mirror.

Nonetheless, Smart Mirrors are coming. Though, for now, some of these are Concept Prototypes, we can expect these mirrors to hit the market pretty soon.