Sonos Move is the most Versatile Speaker from Sonos

Sonos move is clearly the most versatile speaker that Sonos has built. Also addressed as the company’s first step outside the home, the Sonos Move is the first true wireless portable speaker from Sonos.

Sonos move was released along with the Sonos One SL and Sonos Port, the three major Autumn offerings from the company.

Move is not just a replica or a developed version of the Sonos One, but an entirely new speaker and packs a punch in terms of sound quality and performance. Sonos has definitely gone that extra mile to make this speaker to adapt to outdoors and indoors alike.

What makes Sonos Move the most Versatile Speaker from Sonos

It is definitely the new features and upgrades in the design language from its predecessors that aids the versatile nature of the Sonos Move.

Adaptable Sound Quality and Performance

Move is built for unparalleled performance equally in both indoor and outdoor environments. Sonos mentions that the versatile nature of the Move has in no way compromised with Sonos’ sound quality and performance.

With the Sonos Move, the company has come up with an Automatic Tuning mechanism, the Automatic Trueplay Technology. With this new technology, the speaker can now tune itself to the indoor or outdoor environment and accordingly balance the sound quality and bass by listening to its own initial output. The presence of an automatic tuning mechanism is a definite plus for outdoor use as the earlier Trueplay Technology needed the user to first walk around the room with the speaker to analyse the environment.

Sonos used numerous datasets from Manual Trueplay configurations from the past in order to develop the engine for the Automatic Trueplay. Automatic Trueplay does add a definite plus to the speaker’s adaptability as the speaker will keep changing locations when in the outdoors. Considering the broad utility of this feature, it is expected to be rolled out to the rest of the speakers in the Sonos family as well.

Yet another catch here is that the Sonos Move has more volume and power as compared to the Sonos One and comes with deep bass and a broader sound profile.

Ergonomic and Durable Design

Enough thought has been put into the design of the Sonos Move to ensure that it is both ergonomic and durable. The Sonos Move is easily portable. The speaker comes with an built-in handle carved into its body for the user to easily grab the speaker and carry it around. Hence, the Sonos Move despite being bigger than the Sonos One is easy to be carried around.

The handle curved into the body makes it easy carry the Sonos Move | Source – Sonos

Apart from being good looking and ergonomic, the Sonos Move is quite durable. It is designed to take on some of the most unexpected and tough conditions that may come up when you are outside.

Ergonomic design eases out Sonos Move’s portability | Source – Sonos

Sonos Move comes with an IP56 rating and is resistant to water, dirt, high temperature and UV. Sonos mentions that even if you keep the speaker outside for an entire rainy night, it would be still be playing in the morning. The Move is also shock proof and can easily withstand drops from considerable heights, thanks to the rigid exterior. Now, that is one rugged outdoor speaker.

Long Battery Life

Being a portable speaker, battery life is a significant factor. Sonos scores well with the battery life as well. With a single charge, the speaker can offer playback up to 10 hours at moderate volume levels. It also has a power saving mechanism called the Suspend Mode which automatically pushes the speaker to a Standby Mode to save charge when the speaker is not in use. Sonos says that this Standby Mechanism can reserve your battery for up to 5 days.

Source – Sonos

Sonos Move comes with a docking system which can be used for charging the speaker while in the indoors. When using within your home, you can simply slide the speaker into the docking station, and play music without losing out on charge.

Multiple Smart Assistant Support

Like other speakers in the Sonos family, Sonos Move is a smart speaker that comes with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hence, it is completely up to the user to choose the Smart Assistant of his choice for asking questions, controlling smart home devices, and everything else that one does with a smart speaker. The presence of the microphone array on the top makes it easy to pick up voice commands from the user even from a distance.

Source – Sonos

To sum up, Sonos Move is clearly the most adaptable speaker from Sonos. It comes with a lot of innovative features that make it possible to adapt equally to both indoor and outdoor environments. Sonos Move is as powerful as an outdoor speaker as it as an indoor speaker.

Move is currently available for purchase at Sonos with a two-day delivery period, and is expected to hit retail stores later this month.

This article was last updated on September 14th, and will be updated as we receive more information.