Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2 – What Changed ?


Sonos have recently come out with the next and the latest generation of the much acclaimed Sonos One. The second generation speaker, titled Sonos One Gen 2, is the latest addition to the Sonos Family.

Sonos One was known for its amazing sound quality combined with the support for one of the most sought for Smart Assistants – Amazon Alexa. Due to the perfect blend of Smartness and Sound Quality, Sonos One Gen 1 was widely preferred by a major chunk of the Audiophiles.

Now that Sonos has come up with the second generation of the Sonos One, one of the main questions being asked by consumers is the difference between the two generations – How the Sonos One Gen 2 sets itself apart from the Gen 1.

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2 – Changes

The main difference between Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2 lies in three main parameters. Sonos says that Gen 2 comes with Increased Memory, Bluetooth Low Energy, and an updated more powerful processor. The same can be seen as being mentioned on their website.

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2, List of updates | Source -Sonos

You might now be thinking that the presence of these additional features might result in increased performance and better user experience. That thought may not entirely be true. These three major updates in the Gen 2 does not add any new exclusive features to the speaker as of now.

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2 | Source – Sonos

Sonos says that these upgrades have been deployed with a forward-looking perspective. These updates are expected to support new product features that might come up in the Gen 2 in the future. Hence, though Sonos says that they do not have any features planned exclusively for the Sonos One Gen 2, we can assume that they are planning something after all.

There are chances that Sonos might be working on upgrading the Smartness of the device, perhaps the addition of both the Google Assistant and the Alexa in the same speaker. Or, they could also be planning on coming up with their own version of a Smart Assistant. In either of these cases, the increased processing power and memory do make sense.

Sonos One Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Sonos One | Source – Sonos

That being said on the future updates, Gen 1 and Gen 2 do not have any differences when it comes to the Speaker. Hence, if you already have a Sonos One Gen 1 and are planning to get a Gen 2 as well, you can be rest assured that both can be used as Stereo Pair without any issues.

Gen1 and Gen 2 looks and sounds exactly the same with the only difference being ‘Gen 2’ branding at the bottom of the Gen 2. Both the generations share similarities in the below features as well –

  • Smart Voice Assistants
  • Humidity Resistance
  • Remote Controllability via Sonos App and Apple AirPlay
  • Play One based Class-D Amplifiers and Custom-Built Sound Driver
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Which one do you buy – The Sonos One Gen 1 or Gen 2?

Both the Gen 1 and Gen 2  have the same speaker quality and output, you get the same sound with both the speakers. Hence, if you are an audiophile and your only concern is on the speaker, you can go for either the Gen 1 or Gen 2. But, if you wish to own the same sound quality at a lower price, you can opt for the Gen 1. Now that Gen 2 has been released, the Gen 1 has received a significant price drop. The Gen 1 is now available at $ 179 and the Gen 2 at $ 199.

On the other hand, if you are a Gadget Enthusiast who is into Smart Homes and all those stuff with a required level of curiosity to explore what Sonos might bring to Gen 2 in the future, you can definitely go for the Gen 2 and wait for the future updates.

This article was last updated on 29th April 2019. We will keep updating as we receive more information.