Sonos One Gen 2 – A Comprehensive Review (2020)


Sonos unveiled its second-generation smart speaker, Sonos One Gen 2 over a year ago. Since then, it has remained the favourite smart speaker for a lot of the audiophiles. Read on for a comprehensive review of the Sonos One Gen 2.

Sonos One Gen 2 Review

Starting off with design and durability, Sonos one Gen 2 has a similar design language as the Sonos One Gen 1. The design is still modern and looks really premium despite being minimalistic. The overall build quality is rigid, and since the majority of the body is made of aluminum, it is not heavy as it looks.

The entire speaker is surrounded by a matte black aluminium grill(for the black variant) with top side being of seemingly good quality plastic. Topside of the speaker hosts microphone array and capacitive touch buttons for playlist navigation.

sonos one gen 2

Most part of the bottom side is made of rubber based material as a grip to hold the speaker in position. The bottom side also holds the power input as Sonos One Gen 2 does not have a portable battery and needs to be plugged in for playing.

Coming to speaker performance and listening experience, the Sonos One Gen 2 is really loud. But unlike a lot of other smart speakers out there, a loud sound quotient has not compromised with the sound quality.

Sonos One delivers exceptionally good sound quality. There is also a perfect balance between the loudness and bass when playing metal or rock genre. Overall, Sonos One provides a pleasent listening experience for audiophiles.

Sonos One Gen 2 comes with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, via voice commands. This helps to ensure that you do not get cornered to one ecosystem. You can choose between Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant depending on the ecosystem to which your smart home is centered.

sonos one gen 2

Combining the Sonos Gen 2 with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant gives you a single most point for controlling a lot of your smart home functionalities.

Voice command reception with the Sonos One Gen 2 is commendable. Thanks to the microphone array on the top, you can give commands from far across the other end of the room, and Sonos One would still pick it up very easily.

Sonos One Gen 2 also supports airplay. With Certain iOS applications such as Apple Music, you can directly stream airplay audio.

Sonos One Gen 2 Setup

Sonos One Gen 2 is quick to set up. Install My Sonos app and plug the speaker into the power outlet.

Once you login to My Sonos app, navigate to the settings section, then to the system, and click on Add Products.

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on during the setup. This is so because Sonos One Gen 2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy for the first time setup. Please note that bluetooth can be used only for the setup and not for regular audio streaming.

Once you add Sonos One Gen 2 to your list of products, you can then move on to customize the setup on how you would like to use the speaker.

For e.g. you can choose to pair it with an existing speaker to create a stereo pair, set it up as a surround speaker for home theatre or add other customized setups as per your needs.

You can also setup and update any default settings for Sonos One Gen 2 and Alexa interaction. For e.g. You can choose to decide the default application that would open up on your command “Alexa, Play music”

During the setup, Sonos automatically looks for and installs software updates as necessary.

Sonos One Gen 2 Price and Deals

Sonos One Gen 2 typically costs $199 for a new piece and can be bought at both Amazon and Sonos. Amazon is also offering a pair of Sonos One for those of you who would want to set it up as a stereo pair.

However, if you plan to pick it up during the end of the season or Black Friday sale, you can get the Sonos One Gen 2 for a much lower price. Refurbished versions of the Sonos One Gen 2 can also be picked up at Sonos, Amazon, BestBuy, or other 3rd party retailers at lower price tags.

Sonos One Gen 2 vs Gen 1

Sonos One Gen 2 differs from Sonos One Gen 1 in having a slightly more powerful processor, low energy bluetooth technology for quick initial setup, and a higher memory.

Sonos One Gen 2 vs Play 1

Though Sonos One Gen 2 and Play 1 share similar design language, they stand apart in terms of looks and are easily distinguishable.

Sonos One Gen 2 comes in either full black or white finish whereas the Sonos Play 1 has black bands on the top with silver mesh in the middle.

On the backside, the Sonos Play 1 has a threaded mount which is absent in Sonos One Gen 2. This makes it very easy to mount the Sonos Play One on to the wall whereas, in the case of Sonos One Gen 2, you would need a dedicated wall mount.

Sonos One Gen 2 has capacitive navigation buttons on the top and Sonos Play 1 has physical buttons for playlist navigation and volume adjustments. Both the devices have an ethernet port on the backside.

sonos one gen 2
Sonos Play 1

In terms of listening experience, both the speakers have similar sound quality and loudness. But if you compare both the speakers side by side, Sonos One Gen 2 has a better surround sound experience and a slightly higher bass.

The area where these two speakers differ the most is when it comes to their smart capabilities. Sonos One Gen 2 has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support, and hence the user can give voice commands to control the speaker activities.

With the Sonos Play 1, on the other hand, though you can use dedicated streaming services such as Spotify, you cannot give voice commands owing to the lack of smart assistant support. Hence, Sonos One Gen 2 makes more sense for those who wish to integrate it with their smart home.

There is a considerable price difference between the Sonos One Gen 2 and Sonos Play 1. Sonos Play 1 costs approximately $50 less than the Sonos One Gen 2 and can be bought at Amazon. Currently, Amazon is offering a pair of Sonos Play 1 for a little less than $300.