Stan Offers World’s First Fully Automated Stress Free Robot Valet Parking System

Stan, developed by Stanley Robotics, is the world’s first Fully Automated Robot Valet Parking System. When we say ‘Fully Automated Parking System’, what we are referring to here is a completely hands-free system which requires only the minimal or no inputs from the user’s end in parking the car.

Stan aims to nullify that last minute rush and tension associated with car parking. The Robot Valet fully optimizes and streamlines the process of parking your vehicle. This is one such concept in which you could see Robotics streamlining day-to-day activities.

The way Stan works is simple and direct – it parks the car for you. All you have to do is drive in your car to one of those designated box spaces equipped with Stan. You can then lock your car and keep the keys with you. Once you leave your car, Stan then comes in and takes your car by the tires. It has a very long platform that it pushes into space beneath your car, and then grips four of your car tires, slowly and delicately lifting it up. Stan then looks for a free parking lot and accordingly takes your car and parks it in the free slot.

stan robot valet parking

Stan Picking up a car from the lot | Source – Stanley Robotics

The entire process is fully automated – right from checking-in your car into the parking lot till picking it up. Once you enter one of those designated boxes fitted with Stan, you can confirm your reservation and flight details at the terminal. These details are analyzed and stored for returning your car on time.  Since the system is connected to your travel information (flight schedules), Stan keeps your car ready for pick up once you have landed safely – no time spent for waiting or searching for your car in the lot.

This Robotic Valet service from Stan takes parking convenience to whole new levels. That is why we referred it to as a Stress-Free Fully Automated Robotic Parking. Often, when you travel to the airport or railway stations, getting your car parked in a free slot is a huge headache, especially when you are running late or if it is a crowded day. But with Stan’s help, you just need to leave the car with it and be on your way. It is the same amount of convenience with which you can pick up the car as well.

Parking your car with Stan provides additional Parking Safety as well. Since the parking lot will be restricted to Stan and Cars only, there will not be any unnecessary manual presence. Hence, to some extent, you can be assured that the parked vehicles are safe from thieves, as compared to a normal parking space.

stan robot valet parking

Stan carrying a car in the parking lot | Source – Stanley Robotics

With Stan, the parking efficiency of your lot is increased by huge margins. Since the cars are being moved around by Robots, there is no need to open the doors at any point. Hence, while parking, the cars are packed pretty close to each other, freeing up a lot of space for other cars. Also, since there is no need to open the doors, your cars are free from dents too.

Though the concept is highly intriguing and interesting, there are a few operational cases which might raise questions with respect to how the Robot might handle them. For example, since the cars are first driven into platforms fitted with Stan, it needs to be ensured that there are a sufficient number of such boxes to parallelly accommodate cars in case of unexpected surges in parking traffic. This may then demand additional infrastructural setup. Also, the check-in and parking confirmation processes will need to be really fast.

Also, in order to accommodate more vehicle parking at the same time, there will need to be more than one ‘Stan’ assisting the same parking lot. Hence, though it is going to be a one-time process, the implementation is going to require considerable investment and changes in existing parking infrastructure. However, Stanley Robotics are still saying that their solution is much cheaper and cost-effective than currently existing parking infrastructures.

stan robot valet parking

Stan with its carrier platform | Source – Stanley Robotics

Having an option of Remotely Checking-In the vehicle can also help reduce the time spent at the parking site – This could perhaps be an app-based option where users could log in and check-in their vehicles along with providing their travel schedules.

According to Stan Robotics, Stan is completely reliable irrespective of the external conditions. The Robot continuous its normal mode of operation even in case of changes in weather or external temperature.  Hence, you have a fully automated system which can be relied upon for everything that the seasons have to offer.

As of now, this Robot Valet Parking Technology has been successfully tested in Paris and Lyon Airports. Airports are just one example where these Robot Valet Assistance can be leveraged. You can implement this technology almost anywhere where you have parking requirements (interior and exterior parking) – small and large businesses, Bus/Railway Stations, Sports Stadiums, Shopping Malls, and many others.