Elon Musk Gives the List of Tesla Alternatives

Elon Musk in one of his recent Twitter feeds was seen as sharing a list of Tesla Alternatives. Musk took to Twitter to express his views on how important the Electric Cars are for the future. He provided the list while talking upon the benefits and importance of using electric cars for a brighter future.

Tesla Alternatives

Elon Musk tweets on Tesla Alternatives | Source – Twitter

The list that Musk had shared was that of a Wikipedia Page titled ‘List of Electric Cars Currently Available’. The entire list was divided into four main categories – Highway Capable Cars, City-Speed Cars, Low-Speed Cars, and Supercars. This list of Tesla Alternatives includes the Tesla Electric Cars as well.

The list includes many prominent car makers such as BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Renault and many more.

Notable cars in the list include BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Jaguar I-PACE, and Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive. The Top Speed, Acceleration, Capacity, and Nominal Range has also been provided for each of the cars in the list.

This list can act as a useful tool for a quick comparison among the currently available electric cars. Having the above-mentioned parameters for each of the cars in the list also proves really useful for comparing different models.

There have been similar instances in the past where Musk has proved himself to be more of a humanitarian than a businessman. He has always shown interest and enthusiasm in welcoming other technologies and companies that focus on building a sustainable environment, even if that means competition for Tesla.

Some time ago, in an interview with Leslie Stahl in the 60 Minutes, Musk was seen as seen opening upon on how he gladly welcomes Tesla’s competitors. Musk believes that having competition in the field of developing Electric Cars would mean a lot of good for the world.

To quote Musk’s words from the interview in 60 Minutes, “The whole point of Tesla is to accelerate the advance of Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Transports. We are trying to help the environment. We think it’s a more serious problem that humanity faces. I am not sure if you know, but we open sourced our patents. So, anyone who wants to use our patents, they can use it for free. If somebody makes a better electric car than Tesla and it’s so much better than ours that we can’t sell our cars and we go bankrupt, I still think its a good thing for the world.”


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