Tesla App Updates – Take on this Winter With Remote Seat Heating

Tesla has decided to take on winter with two major Tesla App Updates – Remote Seat Heating and Service Scheduling. Users should have the 3.8.0 version or higher of the app to avail these functionalities. Additionally, users will require the vehicle software version 2018.48.12 or higher for the successful working of these updates. Let us now have a look at these new features in detail –

Remote Seat Heating

The Remote Seat Heating functionality allows the user to adjust the temperature of the seats remotely through the app.

Tesla App Update

A Tesla App Showing the Remote Heating Functionality | Source – Tesla Playstore

Each of the five-seat warmers can be individually controlled by using the app. The information in the Tesla App and that of the car will be in sync at all times. This means that when you turn on the seat warmer from inside the car, you can see the same being turned on in the App as well. Apart from being able to be remotely controlled, this also adds an additional eye for monitoring the Seat Heater – whether they are turned On or Off. There is also an option to adjust the temperature.

Yet another highlight of this update is that this allows the user to remotely control the Steering Wheel Temperature. Compared to other cars with the similar features, Tesla Steering and Seat Heaters are a bit more efficient and heats up pretty soon.

Service Scheduling

The latest Tesla App comes with the ability to Schedule Services Remotely through the app. The feature shows up as ‘Schedule Service’ in the app. Once you click on the same, you have the option to input the details for the scheduling the service.

These include Date and Time, Location, Preferred Communication, and Notes. In Date and Time, you have a list of options in terms of date and time slots to choose from. You also have the option to describe the type of service that you would like to get done on your car. This is particularly convenient for people with busy schedules by allowing them to get pre-booked slots for servicing.

The above two latest updates from Tesla makes are really convenient to the use cases that any car user may come across. The Remote Seat and Steering Functionality is a definite help for the winter and the Remote Service Scheduling simplifies the entire process of maintaining and servicing your Tesla.


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