Proud Moment for Elon Musk – Tesla Autopilot Completes 1 Billion Miles on the Road

Tesla Autopilot Completes 1 Billion Miles on the Road. The estimate is from a time frame between 2015 (when the technology was rolled out) till today. This marks a proud moment for Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk, Tesla Family and the Tesla owners. A Self-Driving Technology hitting a billion miles on the road is actually a pretty big achievement.

Yet another factor that makes this achievement so special is the time period during which Tesla achieved this milestone. In spite of going through a time when the safety of Self-Driving cars is being debated extensively, driving 1 Billion miles with Autopilot engaged is indeed notable.

Tesla Autopilot Completes 1 Billion Miles

A Tesla Model S | Source – Wiki

A point to note here is that 1 billion miles were covered by the Tesla cars with the autopilot system engaged. This may not necessarily mean that the entire distance was driven fully with the autopilot system. However, this notable achievement does demonstrate the belief that Tesla owners put in their cars even with the recent news of Tesla car crashes making the front pages.

Tesla took to Twitter to share the news with their followers (which is around 3 million). Tesla was tweeted as saying
” As of today, Tesla Owners have driven 1 billion miles with Autopilot Engaged”.

Tesla Autopilot Completes 1 Billion Miles

Tesla’s Tweet on its fleet completing 1 Billion Rides | Source – Twitter

Tesla also had a video in the tweet which was a pictorial description of the Tesla Drivers completing 1 billion miles with the Autopilot enabled and that this distance driven is same as ten times the distance to the sun and 40.159 times around the earth.

Tesla rolled out the Autopilot Technology in 2015 and has been constantly upgrading the technology after the release. The Autopilot technology uses a combination of Sensors, Group of Cameras (6), Ultrasonics and Radar, and Increased Processing Power.

As cited in Tesla’s official site, the updated versions of the Autopilot will come with increased Computing Power, Improved steering performance to adjust to much tighter curves, Lane assists, Smart Summon and many other driver assisting features. With Smart Summon, the car will actually come and find you at where you are.

However, Tesla does stress on the fact that drivers should remain focused on the road and have their hands on the steering wheels all time. In an on-drive interview with ‘CBS This Morning’ a while ago, Musk had also stressed upon the fact that the with the Autopilot the probability of an accident is just less likely. The system is a Hands-On system, Musk added.

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