Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson Thompson Joins Tesla Board of Directors

Tesla Board of Directors adds two newest members to its list – Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson.  They will be seen as joining Tesla Board of Directors effective 27th December.  Tesla took to Twitter to inform its followers of the same –

Tesla Board of Directors

Tesla’s Tweet on Addition of Larry and Kathleen to the Board of Directors | Source – Twitter

Tesla, in one of their blog posts, was seen as commenting on the detailed process that current Tesla Board Directors as the Nominating and Governing Corporate Governance Committee undertook in selecting these two prominent personalities into the Board of Directors.

Apart from having the skills required for the directorial position, it is their belief in Tesla’s Mission for achieving Sustainable Transport and Energy that made Larry and Kathleen eligible for this position.

Tesla Board of Directors

Larry Ellison in 2016 | Source – Wiki

Larry Ellison is an American Billionaire, who is the Co-Founder, Former CEO, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman of Oracle Corporation. According to Forbes, he is the tenth richest man in the world.

Larry has extensive experience in running multinational companies which is quite evident from the role he played in building the Oracle Corporation to what we see today. Having such skill and expertise by their side would provide Tesla with a huge amount of acceleration in achieving its mission of popularizing sustainable transport and energy, around the globe.

Larry’s belief in Tesla’s mission can be further confirmed from the recent incident in which he had acquired nearly 3 million shares of Tesla ( which would have cost him nearly a Billion Dollars)

Also, Larry being a Technology Person and Tesla being a Technology Company, the continued association could prove useful for Tesla.

Coming to Kathleen Wilson, she is extremely skilled in managing human resources. In all the multinational firms that she had worked on, she had played remarkable roles in Managing Human Resources and Improvising Workplaces. Prior to joining Tesla, she had spent considerable time across different organizations playing some of the most prominent roles.

The list includes Kelloggs and Wallgreens Boot Alliance (where she is currently the Global Chief Human Resources Officer). Considering the pace with which Tesla is expanding and conquering the Electric Vehicle Market, they would definitely need to start adding more and more of the brightest of brains to their family. Kathleen’s experience in managing Human Resources and Improving Work Places will definitely prove helpful to Tesla’s expansion at this point.


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