Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally been unveiled. And, as expected, the truck comes packed with features in terms of durability, design, and performance.

Though the Tesla cybertruck looks promising despite the glass shattering event during the launch, it does not have the market all by itself. There are other players competing for the EV pickup segment – namely GM and Rivian. Though a fully electric GM truck is expected only by end of next year, Rivian is pretty close to its aim of delivering a full electric performance based pickup truck.

Let us have a look at the features of both the Cybertruck, and the Rivian R1T to get an idea on which pickup could be the better investment considering those factors that any truck owner looks for in an electric vehicle – Design, Utility, Performance, and Pricing –


Both the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T come with modern and futuristic design language. Rivian has more of a realistic truck-like design whereas the Tesla Cybertruck clearly resembles one of those hi-tech vehicles that you see in science fiction movies, and hence has the edge of being the one with a unique look.

If you take a close look at the Cybertruck’s body, you can see that there are no curves at all. All the turns, and endings are sharp and straight giving the truck a highly minimalistic and raw appeal.

Cybertruck’s interior, like the exterior is simple and minimalistic. The interior is filled with the geometric sharp seats with an option to seat six people, a highly minimalistic dashboard (which is just a plane and solid bar) , a 17-inch touchscreen display panel, and a steering wheel resembling that of flights.

RIT, on the other hand has a luxurious interior built with premium materials including different patterns and colours in combinations of leather and wood. The Rivian branding can also be seen on the dashboard. Like the Cybertruck, the R1T also has a digital touch to its dashboard with a touchscreen display panel.

One thing that stands apart in the Rivian RIT is its headlamp. Its headlamps are unlike anything that you may have seen in other trucks. This gives Rivian the benefit of having a unique identification factor using which people can distinguish their vehicles even in the dark. Known as ‘Stadium Lights’, these lights are said to utilise less power to cast wider light beams for better visibility.

One common element found in Both Tesla and Rivian truck is the absence of a dedicated front grill. In Rivian, the front grill space is occupied by the daytime running light which is also a charging indicator. Tesla, on the other hand has the entire front grill area covered by the same stainless steel structure that constitutes the rest of the body.

Cybetruck Interior | Image Source – Tesla

Both the vehicles are designed to take on off-road conditions, and comes with significant wheelbase and ground clearance. Among the two, the Cybertruck has a higher ground clearance offering up to 16″, and Rivian has a maximum ground clearance of 14.1″ in off-road mode.

When compared , the Cybertruck is larger than the R1T.

The Cybertruck’s design is unlike something that we have ever seen before in any truck making it a show stopper for the crowd. The R1T on the other hand is more of a classic pickup truck laced with modern design elements.

There are chances that the Cybertruck’s unconventional and raw design may not yet be preferred by some people.

R1T’s skateboard chassis is perhaps the most important part of its design. The skateboard chassis is designed to fit all the components just below the wheel line of the vehicle. This strategic positioning of the dense battery pack and other components just below the vehicle’s wheel line lowers the centre of mass of the vehicle increasing its stability on both on and off the roads.

Rivian also mentioned that the skateboard chassis is designed to be flexible on which even other companies can built and develop. Rivian’s partnership with Ford is one such attempt towards the same.

Skateboard Chassis | Source – Rivian


The most common utility that any pickup owner looks for is the load capacity, ie the storage bed space. More the storage bed space, more useful is the truck.

Both the R1T and Cybertruck have really long storage beds. Tesla wins this round as it has a storage bed which is approximately 2 feet longer than the one the R1T has.

However, the R1T does have an additional storage feature. It has a lockable cargo hold (of 12 cubic feet) between the rear seats and the bed. This Gear Tunnel is where you can stuff some of your really long accessories such as hunting rifles, or surfboards.

R1T Gear Tunnel | Source – Rivian

Rivian’s storage bed has three 110v outlets for charging your gears. You can put your gears in the bed for charging and lock them up using gear guard. Flexible crossbars also helps the users to easily stack up utility accessories such as tents on the roof, bed, and bed floor.

One unique and smart feature of the Cybertruck’s bed is the one pointed out by Snazzy Labs in their video. This is the presence of L-shaped rails and slots in the storage bed that you can use to create various mounting combinations for carrying your gear.

Source – Tesla

Cybetruck also has an automatic rollable roof over the full length of its storage bed. This ensures that that all your items are locked and taken care of in the 6.5 foot long storage bed. Elon Musk had also hinted via Twitter that the rollable roof may come fitted with a solar panel capable of generating charge enough to keep the truck moving up to 15 miles or higher.

The Cybetruck’s rear door doubles up as an in-built ramp. This makes it very easy for the user to roll-up bikes, ATVs and any other similar vehicle without having to depend on carrying external ramps.

The Cybertruck will also come with the Standard Autopilot feature in all its variants.


Now we come to the most important factor – Performance. Both the Cybertruck and R1T are performance based vehicles designed to go over those strenuous tasks that one expects to get done using a pickup truck – Towing and Off-Road capabilities combined with a good range.

Source – Rivian

Since neither of the vehicles have made it to the customers yet, we cannot fully come up with a winner for the performance segment.

If are we go by the performance numbers, we can see that though both the vehicles score pretty well, the Cybertruck leads the segment by a considerable margin.

Tesla states that Cybertruck has a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds for the top variant whereas according to Rivian’s projected specifications, the R1T can only tow 11,000 lbs.

Cybetruck’s Tri Motor AWD variant has an estimated range of 500+ miles, and an acceleration fast enough to take the truck from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds. Now, that is incredibly fast considering the huge dimensions of the truck.

R1T has a range of 400+ miles and the capability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds.

Both the trucks are designed to make off-roading a breeze. Having the right traction plays a pivotal role in successful off-roading. R1T has a Quad Motor arrangement that has the ability to send power to individual wheels. This distribution of power plays a vital role in maximising traction while off-roading. The lowered center of gravity further assists the off-roading capability by ensuring that the vehicle does not roll over during its course.

Rivian has a water fording value of 42.3 inches in off-road mode. You no longer have to worry about taking your truck for a swim.

Cybertruck also posses a lowered center of gravity that boosts the vehicle’s traction control and torque. It also ensures a lower roll over probability while off-roading. The presence of adaptable air suspensions also adds an extra bonus to the Cybertruck’s off-road capability.

Charging Options

When it comes to charging options, the Cybertruck wins hands down. The Cybertruck being a Tesla has access to all its supercharger networks and other offers such as referrals programs.

Access to this large number of superchargers makes it very easy for truck owners to recharge their vehicles during long journeys, especially the ones involving inter-state rides.


According to their website, the R1T will come with a starting price of $69,000. The Cybertruck on the other hand is expected to have models priced between $39,900 and $69,900 which is much lesser than the price bracket for the R1T.

As we had mentioned earlier, since none of the models have currently made it to the consumers, a final conclusion on which truck to buy can not yet be made.

That being said, it is quite sure that there is going to be heavy competition among these two vehicles in the electric pickup segment. The cybertruck does seem to have an edge over the RIT as it has higher performance numbers per the projected specifications, and also has all the consumer perks associated with the vehicle being a Tesla.

Note – All features above have been compared using the performance numbers as given in the official website of Tesla, Rivian, and other reliable online sources.