Tesla Dog Mode and Sentry Mode Rolls Out

Tesla, through one of their official Twitter posts, has unveiled its Pet-friendly Update – The Tesla Dog Mode. The Dog Mode, one of the first pet-friendly modes to be ever featured in a car focuses on providing ambient temperature to your pets. This means that the next time you leave your dog in the car while you make a quick run for the groceries, you do not have to worry about setting the temperature. It’s all being taken care of.

tesla dog mode

Tesla’s tweet on Dog Mode | Source – Twitter

The Dog Mode concept is relatively simple and direct  – it optimizes your cabin temperature to an optimum level at which your dog feels comfortable.

Tesla cars already come with Cabin Heat Protection which is automatically turned on when the cabin temperature crosses the threshold. This ensures the safety of the pets inside the car. The Dog Mode, however, comes in addition to the Cabin Heat Protection.

Elon Musk through one of his Twitter posts was seen as confirming the same. The Dog Mode and Cabin Heat Protection are distinctly separate from each other in terms of use cases.

The Cabin Heat Protection mainly looks out for a threshold value of temperature beyond which the system is not allowed to heat up – the current threshold temperature is 40°C. It is more of an extreme level solution

tesla dog mode sentry mode

A Tesla Model S | Source – Tesla

The Dog Mode, on the other hand, makes sure that the cabin is not raised to an alarming temperature at all.

The Dog Mode comes as a real relief for pet owners. Pets (mostly dogs/cats) dying in overheated car cabins are becoming more of a common phenomenon these days – almost all of which are due to the negligence of the owner. Peta mentions that exposing animals to higher temperatures even as low as 15 minutes constantly causes brain damage or even death.

15 Minutes is all the time that you take to make a quick errand to grab groceries. Negligence to the presence of your pets in the cars can actually lead to their death – similar to the recent incident that took place in New York in which a Yorkshire Terrier died due to being trapped in a closed vehicle.

We think that the Dog Mode is, in fact, a much better solution than Cabin Heat Protection. The former ensures that your car does not even reach the threshold temperature value thereby ensuring that your pets are not exposed to deadly temperatures for even the slightest time frame.

The Tesla Sentry Mode has also been rolled out along with the Dog Mode. Sentry Mode is the much required Anti-Theft Assistance for cars. Unlike other Anti-Theft mechanisms, the Sentry Mode promises to stop theft before it even happens.

Tesla uses the technical frameworks associated with their Self-Driving Technology, the Autopilot to achieve the Sentry Mode. The cameras used for the Autopilot Navigation are used to detect suspicious situations. The mode is characterized by two warning states – Alert and Alarm.

The Alert State is activated on the detection of a suspicious occasion such as burglar presence near the car. The Alarm State, as the name suggests is for more alarming situations such as break-ins.

Two of these updates from Tesla actually comes as a huge relief for Tesla owners – you can now be freed of tension on leaving your pet behind in locked cars, and also the cars from being stolen.