Tesla Dynamic Brake Lights to Make the Road a Safe Place for Everyone by Reducing Rear Crashes

Tesla, in one of it’s Over the Air updates, has released yet another Safety Feature to make the road a safe place for everyone by reducing rear vehicle crashes. The update referred to as Dynamic Break Lights, has been released to the Model 3 users in Europe alone as of now.

The Dynamic Break Lights aims at reducing the rear-end crashes resulting from over speeding or sudden stopping of cars. Most of the times, these accidents can be avoided when the driver in the back car is alerted of the same a little early. Tesla’s latest update aims at taking off the ‘Sudden’ or ‘Surprise’ factor associated with sudden braking or deceleration of cars.

The Dynamic Break Lights features works as follows – While driving above 50 kilometers per hour, if you happen to suddenly apply the brakes, the rear lights will start flashing to inform the drivers behind that your car is slowing down pretty fast. Instead of having a constant and steady red light (which is the most common feature), having flashing lights has more chances of catching the other driver’s attention and thereby reduce or nullify the chances associated with a fatal car crash.

tesla dynamic break lights

A Tesla Model 3 | Source – Tesla

This feature may have also been introduced with a forward-looking idea in mind as it could aid Tesla’s Self-Driving Technology, the Autopilot in the future. While in Autopilot, the Dynamic Break Light Feature could act as an extra set of eyes on the rear. This could be Tesla moving one step closer to the Full Self-Driving Capability that it plans to achieve by the end of this year.

Though this notable feature was released to Tesla users only in the most recent update, this feature has been in use for quite some time now. Tesla is not the first company to utilize tail light patterns to reduce accidents. Major players such as BMW already have Dynamic Flash Light Features. In fact, BMW was the first company to deploy this technology to motorcycles. The above-mentioned speed threshold of 50 kilometers per hour applies to BMW’s Dynamic Breaking Systems as well.

Volkswagen is yet another company that uses Light Patterns to make its vehicle interact with the road and other drivers. It has this concept called the Interactive Matrix Tail Light Cluster Concept to reduce accidents in high traffic areas.

What We Think of this Update?

Tesla is doing its fair share in making the roads a safe place for everyone – first by building really safe cars and now this update. The Dynamic Break Lights feature is a really useful update given the impact that it can have on reducing accidents and promoting the safety of Tesla’s as well as other cars on the road. Considering the fact that this is a major safety feature, one question that many has on their minds is as to why Tesla took considerable time in releasing this update.

Also, this feature could also make a lot of positive impacts when deployed over all of Tesla’s models, in all the countries – we are expecting that the model-wide release happens soon enough.