Tesla Enhanced Summon to be Released in US Next Week taking Tesla One Step closer to full Self-Driving Capability

Tesla is all set to release its latest update next week. The update title ‘Enhanced Summon’ will be released to the Tesla users in the United States alone. The same was reported by Tesla CEO Elon Musk via one of his Tweets.

The Billionaire Innovator said “Tesla Enhanced Summon coming out in the US next week for anyone with Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving option”

tesla enhanced summon

Elon Musk’s tweet on Enhanced Summon Release | Source – Twitter

The Enhanced Summon Update has a catch here though. The update is currently being released only for those users whose cars already have the Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Option. Hence, irrespective of the model you own, if you have Enhanced Autopilot enabled, you get the Enhanced Summon Update as well. That does make sense at this point since Tesla’s Smart Summon has always been implemented with the help of Tesla’s Autopilot Suit – a combination of Cameras, Sensors, and Radars.

In the conversation thread that followed his tweet, Musk also added that Tesla is working on the International Version of the update. He also added that different countries have different rules and processes which adds to the time required for rolling out this feature. Hence Tesla users in Europe, China, and other areas are rest assured that Enhanced Summon coming to their cars is only a matter of time.

tesla enhanced summon

Tesla Autopilot | Source – Tesla

The Enhanced Summon Feature is expected to make the Valet Parking feature of the Tesla more versatile. As of now, with the Smart Summon, you can only take your Tesla out of its parking space, provided it is a straight lane and within 39 feet. The Enhanced Summon might allow the car to navigate through much complex parking spaces, find a place for it to park all by its own and come back to the owner once summoned. This would involve the car reading and understanding the signboards before parking itself on to a free slot.

Last year, Musk had tweeted of a similar update on Enhanced Summon in which he mentioned that users will be able to summon their Tesla via the app and drive it in a manner similar to controlling RC Control Cars as long as it was in the line of sight. According to a report from Forbes, the then requirement was that the car is equipped with Autopilot Hardware Version 2 and higher and also that the car was made in the last two years.

Tesla Enhanced Summon

Musk’s tweet from last year | Source – Twitter

We think that it is the same update that is being talked about here. But unlike the last time, the release dates are far closer – next week to the users in the US with Full Self-Driving Option.

If the Enhanced Summon is actually able to navigate the car through complex parking spaces to come and find the owner upon summoning, that is going to put Tesla much closer to the full Self-Driving Capability that it had promised to roll out by the end of this year. This update could be a major game changer.

This update could give rise to the following two scenarios in the daily life of a Tesla owner –

Your Tesla Parks Itself

Your Tesla drops you at your office and then goes along to navigate on its own to find a free parking space and read the sign to check if it is allowed to park over there, move on to a different spot if not and park itself.

Your Tesla Finds you

You come out of your office and summon your Tesla. Your car then navigates itself through the complex parking space to come find you and pick you up.

The above two scenarios, when combined with the Full Self-Driving Capability of the Autopilot, could take mobility to a whole new level. This actually makes possible moving from one location to another with minimal/no human inputs.

Recent times have seen Tesla adding a lot of innovative updates to the Autopilot Feature, Stop Light Recognition for example. This could all be seen as actionable steps taking the Autopilot Technology closer to Full Self-Driving Capability by the end of this year.