Tesla Free Unlimited Supercharging Returns for Model S and X


In what comes as a surprise to the future Tesla owners, Tesla Free Unlimited Supercharging for its Model S and Model X cars are now back.

Customers purchasing new Model S and Model X cars can now avail the new offer , said Tesla via a tweet from their official Twitter page.

Tesla free unlimited supercharging
Tesla’s tweet on the return of Free Unlimited Supercharging for new Model S and Model X cars | Source – Tesla, Twitter

Tesla has not yet made any comments on the deadlines for availing this offer, hence this is not a limited period offer, at least for now.

That being said, chances are high that Tesla may not keep this as an ongoing offer considering the fact that this idea is not sustainable for the company in the long run.

One reason that may have inspired Tesla to bring back this offer could be the decreased sale numbers of the Model S this year. Based on a report from TechCrunch, of the total 92k electric car orders delivered by Tesla in the second quarter, the Model S and Model X sales were only 17.6k which is a mere 5 percent.

Though Model 3 sales were in huge numbers, the reduced sale numbers for the Model S and Model X is not a good indicator for Tesla’s overall growth as a company.

The idea of bringing back the Unlimited Free Supercharging would definitely help increase the sales of Tesla Model S and X. Also, at this point, this offer would make much more impact on Tesla sales than it used to in the past.

Currently, a major chunk of the Automobile Industry is moving towards electric cars. One of main challenges faced by the new entrants in the Electric Segment is in establishing a widespread network of charging points.

Customers at their end have also started to consider the availability of well developed network of charging points as one of the deciding factors for choosing an electric car. This is exactly where Tesla’s latest offer could pitch in.

Of all the other Electric Car companies, Tesla has the largest number of Supercharges spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

People have actually started to prefer Tesla for long distance travel over other electric cars owing to their widespread network of superchargers. Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple was once seen as making a statemen

t where he mentioned that he would choose Tesla over any other electric car for inter-state rides owing to their supercharger availability.

Apart from the availability of an abundant reservoir of Superchargers, Tesla’s offer on Unlimited Supercharging for Model S and X are sure to drive a lot of sales in the coming days.

The question of owning a Model S now becomes like, “Who wouldn’t want to drive around in a performance based electric car with an AWD that goes from 0 to 60 in 2.4s and offers free unlimited supercharging feature”.