Dane Butswinkas to Replace Todd Maron as the New Tesla General Counsel

Tesla General Counsel role will be taken up by Dane Butswinkas starting January 2019. Dane takes up the roles and responsibilities from Todd Maron, Tesla’s Current General Counsel. Todd will be seen as exiting Tesla as the General Counsel in January 2019.

Tesla General Counsel

Dane Butswinkas | Source – Williams and Connolly

This end Todd’s 5-year association with Tesla as its General Counsel which started in 2013. Todd has been in charge of dealing with all legal related matters of Tesla and now Dane will be seen as taking them up. Todd will remain as the General Counsel till January 2019. This  transition time will give Dane time to gradually transition himself into his new role.

Tesla however mentioned in one of their blog posts that the plan to transition Todd from the General Counsel has been effective July 2018.

Todd may be having a tough time leaving Tesla since he had been part of the company for a considerable amount of time. In response to being asked on his feelings on leaving Tesla, he was seen as mentioning how the time spent at Tesla marked the highlight of his career and that how Tesla had always given him the feeling of being with family. He further expressed his gratitude towards Elon Musk and the board of directors for giving him the opportunity to serve as the General Counsel for Tesla.

Tesla General Counsel

A Tesla Model 3 | Source – Wiki

Todd also had a very good relationship with Elon. Todd was directly reporting to Elon on all of Tesla’s Legal matters. The fact that Todd also represented Elon for his divorce further confirms the how close they actually were to each other.

Dane Butswinkas had a long career spanning over three decades as a Trial Lawyer at Williams and Connolly. He is by no doubt one of the best. He was titled as one of top 50 Trial Aces in the United States by Law360. He was also the recipient of the National Commercial Lawyer of 2016, by Benchmark Litigation.

As cited in Williams and Connolly, Dane’s primary area of expertise is on Arbitration Work and Trial. He was also the lead trial in some of the cases that gathered a lot of attention.

Dane was seen as speaking on the lawyers in Williams and Connolly and how it has always been his first home. It was Tesla’s Mission that made him take up this role. Tesla is working on technologies that are very much critical for the future of the world.

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