With Lane Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, Tesla Yet Again Proves their Dedication to Road Safety

Tesla has rolled out two of it’s latest updates solely focussed on road safety – Land Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. With these updates, Tesla has yet again proved their dedication towards making the roads a safer place by reducing the chances of accident occurrence while driving in multiple lane roads.

The first priority of Tesla’s Autopilot functionality has always been reducing accidents and promoting road safety. And, usually, most of the Automatic Lane Change updates have been associated with Autopilot Functionality.

However, one of the highlights of these updates is the fact that these are also focused on the use cases when the Autopilot is actually turned off. These newly rolled out features aim to reduce accidents resulting from improper Lane Changes.

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

As the name suggests, this safety feature kicks in during critical situations when the system identifies the presence of unchecked lane changes which might result in an accident with either other cars or with the road edges.

This is how it works – When the system identifies that the car is changing lanes and the resulting change might result in crashes, your Tesla is automatically steered back to your original lane. The feature can be turned off for individual drives but will be enabled by default at the beginning of each ride. So even if you miss out on turning on this safety option, you are still taken care of.

Source – Tesla


Lane Departure Avoidance

Lane Departure Avoidance is more of a precautionary measure for reducing accidents in multi-lane highways. This feature is also an addition to the existing Lane Departure Warning Feature which warns the driver by vibrating the steering wheels in case you drift out of a lane without putting up proper signal lights.

Additional checks with the new feature are that while the car is departing from a lane, the presence of hands on the steering is checked for. Detection of the absence of hands on the steering will trigger a series of alarming reminders to get the attention of the driver.

Upon not detecting the hands on the steering wheel despite continuous warnings, the car’s speed is significantly reduced to less than 15 miles below the predefined speed limit as a precautionary measure to reduce the impact from collisions (if any). The warning lights are also turned on immediately to inform other drivers in the road of the lane change.

Our thoughts on Tesla’s Lane Change Safety Features

It is good to know that Tesla is emphasizing a lot on improving and adding to its list of Safety Features. Improperly monitored Lane Changes resulting from lack of turn signals and driver negligence are major contributors to highway accidents.

The latest updates from Tesla watch out for its drivers as well as other drivers on the road. The features are also automatically enabled making sure that even if you miss out on enabling them, your safety is still taken care of. This feature coupled with other safety features of Tesla such as Autopilot and Dynamic Brake Lights is sure to have major impacts on reducing road accidents.