Tesla Pickup Truck Specs – What to Expect

Tesla Pickup Truck is coming, and it is coming sooner than expected. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already hinted that the Tesla Pickup Truck might be unveiled in November.

Ever since its teaser debut in March, Tesla fans have been asking a lot of questions with respect to the specifications of the truck. Though not much information was officially released by Tesla regarding the specs, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO kept hinting about some of the truck’s specifications through his twitter account at different points in time.

Elon even had a questionnaire tweet to his followers asking them what features they would want to have in the truck.

From the hints given by Musk himself, and the general magic that Tesla puts into its cars, we can pull up a few expectations on what the Truck will have.

Tesla Pickup Truck Specs


From what we know till now, the Tesla Pickup is definitely going to drop a bomb when it comes to the looks. Musk did mention via Twitter that the Tesla Pickup will be a lot more like one of those blade runner trucks, meaning it will definitely be cool looking and resemble those trucks that you see in science fiction movies.

Tesla Pickup Specs
A Tesla Pickup inside a Mini | Source – Verge

What we are possibly looking at is a highly rugged and heavy duty ride with crazy dimensions (possibly larger than a RAM truck), extended wheelbase, and off-road capable tyres. Since it is a full size pickup truck, the same can be expected to have a 5 seating capacity (including the driver) with enough space for load on the backside.


When it comes to heavy duty trucks, performance becomes a huge decision making factor for truck drivers on whether or not they should invest in a particular model. Since this is Tesla’ entry into the pick up segment, it is pretty much sure that Tesla Pickup will come packed with some really high performance numbers. Besides, when it comes down to performance, Tesla’s vehicles has always been able to score well.

Musk did tweet that the Tesla Pickup truck will come with a dual motor setup, all-wheel drive, and a crazy torque value along with a suspension system that will automatically keep adjusting per the load. He also added that these features will be offered as standard.

Hence, it can be assumed that there could be multiple variants for the pickup truck like current Tesla vehicles – a Standard Model with standard performance numbers and a Performance Model with much higher performance numbers.

Tesla Pickup Truck will come with a range of 400 to 500 miles, or higher, said Musk in a tweet to one of his followers. A range of 400+ miles on a single charge is a really good number for a pickup truck considering the size and capacity of the machine.

Tesla pickup truck specs
Source – Twitter

Yet another feature that is important for pickup trucks is the towing capacity. The Ford F-150’s have an average towing capacity of 13,200 pounds. RAM trucks also have towing capacity in the same range. Hence, we can expect the Tesla Pickup to have towing capacity in the same or higher range. Musk did mention that even 12,000 pounds are considered as puny in front of the towing capacity of the Tesla Pickup (Tweet below)

tesla pickup truck specs
Musk’s tweet on Tesla Truck’s towing capacity | Source – Twitter

The Tesla Pickup trucks will directly compete with RAM and Ford trucks. Since these two competitors already have a well defined customer base, Tesla will have to build a truck that far outperforms its competitors.

Musk had also mentioned once that the Tesla Pickup will come with lots of Titanium. Titanium, being non-corrosive, strong, and low density when used in vehicles are seen to increase engine efficiency, and reduce the noise.

Whether or not the Tesla Pickup will come with Autopilot has not yet been confirmed. But, Autopilot being a very important feature of the Tesla vehicles, and a need of the hour technology, there are very high chances that the Tesla Pickup Truck will come with Autopilot.

To sum up, the Tesla Pickup Truck will be a rugged, heavy duty, and powerful machine with a considerable mileage.


The Tesla Pickup Truck is expected to be priced around $50k. This could however be the cost for the standard option, and the higher variants will be priced differently. Musk had mentioned that the Tesla Pickup’s pricing will be in such a way as to help empower the idea of making it possible for everyone to afford a truck.