Tesla Pickup to Unveil in November, May Rival Rivian R1T

Tesla pickup might possibly be unveiled in November, said CEO Elon Musk in Twitter. Musk’s statement was in response to a follower’s question on the the timelines of the launch event.

Through this Tweet, Musk pointed to a possible unveil event of the Tesla Pickup in November. He just stuck to November, without referring to any particular date of the month.

Tesla pickup
Source – Twitter

Not much details of the Tesla pickup are currently available. Ever since its teaser debut in March, people have been asking all sorts of questions on the pickup, eager to understand what it packs under the hood.

Tesla pickup
Musk tweets Tesla Pickup Truck teaser | Source – Twitter

Musk at some point did mention that the Tesla Pickup Truck will be a futuristic looking blade runner type pick up truck. He had also added that the truck will come with a lot of Titanium.

Details related to its power, acceleration, battery capacity, presence of autopilot, and price still remains unknown. This is one reason why the possible unveil in November is very crucial.

Though the details regarding the Tesla pickup are not yet here , we can definitely pull up a few guesses. We could expect the pickup to be definitely a performance based vehicle with lots of power, considerable battery life and looks resembling one of those cool looking trucks in science fiction movies.

Tesla Pickup Truck may compete with the Rivian RIT

It is quite possible that the Tesla Pickup will rival the Rivian R1T Truck. This electric truck from Rivian has been making headlines ever since its unveil owing to its extreme off-road capabilities and rugged looks.

The RIT packs quite a punch in terms of the performance numbers such as 400+ mile range, acceleration of 0-60 in 3 seconds, HP of up to 750 and 11,000 LBS towing capacity.

Rivian R1T
Rivian R1T | Source – Rivian

When it comes to developing performance based electric vehicles, Tesla has a proven track record. The Model X and Model S are perfect examples to prove this fact.

If the Tesla Pickup Truck and Rivian were to fall in the same price range, there is going to be some serious competition between the two, provided that both the vehicles are electrically powered performance based pickup trucks.

Tesla, however, might have the upper hand here owing to its already huge customer base and proven electric vehicle technology that combines great performance with commendable fuel efficiency.