Why is Tesla Possibly the Best Electric Choice for Long Distance Travels

Tesla is possibly the best electric choice for long distance travels or cross-country rides. Why so? – Simply because Tesla meets all those standards expected to complete long journeys – especially cross country and Inter-State rides. Let us, in detail, have a look at what makes Tesla Cars an ideal choice for long distance travel –

tesla model Y

A Tesla Model Y | Source – Tesla

Autopilot – The Self-Driving Assistance

Long rides can be tough considering the duration for which you have to keep steering. After a point of time, no matter how much of a vehicle lover you are, you start getting stressed out and will want to take some rest. Sometimes you just exchange the driving positions with your friends or family. However, Tesla cars offer a better solution. Tesla’s Self-Driving feature, the Autopilot is fully capable of navigating its own. Hence, on long rides, in order to reduce stress and tiredness, you can just turn on the autopilot and relax a little.

Though Autopilot requires that the driver keep the hands on the steering wheel at all times, you are far more relaxed and at ease while driving. The Autopilot suit consists of a combination of 8 Cameras, Sensors, and Radars enabling the car to navigate on its own with Automatic Speed Adjustment (with respect to nature of the traffic), Automatic Lane Maintenance and Changing, and obstacle detection/avoidance to ensure a smooth, tension-free and eased riding experience for the driver.

Availability of Supercharging and Tesla Superchargers Units

Sufficiency of fuel is one very important parameter to be kept in check to ensure a hassle-free long journey. You definitely do not want to be left out in the middle of nowhere just because you ran out of gas. This is one parameter in which Tesla outweighs all other Electric Car Companies. The company has ensured the presence of a sufficient number of Easily Accessible Supercharger Units covering almost all major areas in the United States.

Tesla Superchargers

Tesla Cars at Supercharging Stations | Source – Tesla

For example, between Illinois and Texas( distance spanning to more than 1000 miles), Tesla has 7 supercharger units where riders can stop for charging. These superchargers are present at Mehlville, Rolla, Springfield, Catoosa, Oklahoma City, Denton, and Cisco. For the same route, Tesla approximates monetary savings of $139 comparing the charging cost against the case if the same route was covered with gasoline powered cars. Prior to starting your trip, you can also go to Tesla’s site and use the trip planner to estimate the number and location of superchargers along the route in which you plan to drive.

Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple, in an interview with the CNBC was seen as making a statement on how he trusts Tesla cars while traveling long distances. He said that Tesla cars are the perfect fit for travel between cities owing to the number of superchargers throughout most parts of the United States. Steve further added that he feels a lot more confident in taking Tesla’s cars for cross country rides rather than any other electric car.

Tesla currently has 12,888 supercharger units in 1,441 Supercharger Stations covering Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

tesla superchargers

A Tesla Supercharger Station | Source – Tesla

Mileage and Performance

Mileage and Performance are crucial for any long distance trips. All of Tesla’s existing models come with notable performance and mileage numbers –

tesla long distance

Tesla Performance and Mileage Numbers

The above numbers on Mileage and Performance of Tesla cars are quite impressive considering the fact that  these are electrically powered.

Safety and Cargo Capacity

Tesla’s cars come equipped with some of the biggest cargo spaces in the industry. The Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y have cargo capacities of 30 cu ft, 88 cu ft, 15 cu ft, and 66 cu ft. Cargo access in all of their models are also really convenient, hence adding to the ergonomic factor.

Tesla Model X

Side view of the Tesla Model X

Yet another parameter on which Tesla cars make themselves an ideal pick for long distance drives is safety. Techniques such as Autopilot, Emergency Braking, Lower Center of Gravity, Impact Protection, and Rigid Structure enhance the safety factor associated with Tesla’s cars.  The Model X, for example, has an overall rating of 5-star in safety. Elon Musk, while unveiling the Model Y had mentioned that they are expecting similar safety ratings for the Model Y as well.

Hence, of all the electric vehicles currently available in the market, Tesla cars are the best option when it comes to long distance travel.