Tesla Self-Driving Computers to Replace Nvidia Computers Soon, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk, in a conversation with Lex Fridman at Artifical Intelligence (AI) Forecast, was seen as commenting on Tesla’s own Self-Driving Computer and how it is prepping itself to replace the Nvidia Computers that the system currently uses.

Recent times have seen a lot of talks emerge around a Full Self-Driving Computer (also called Autopilot Hardware 3). This may be because the cars will now gradually need to upgrade to more capable hardware to accommodate the changes Tesla plans to bring in the future.

Musk said that though it took three years, they now have a full self-driving computer. This Tesla computer can process more or as much as the computing power offered by current Nvidia System in Tesla cars. Tesla is still pushing the boundaries with its new self-driving computer.

Elon also added that they have already begun to see notable positive changes with the new system. He cited an examle of how they have been able to run the feeds in full frame rates without even cropping the images.


Elon Musk at Artificial Intelligence (AI) Broadcast | Source – Lex Fridman

The full Self-Driving computer is actually two redundant systems on a chip and that in the absence of one, the other would work really fine. Musk compared the presence of two systems to that of twin-engine commercial aircraft Рthe system operates best when both systems are operating, but it operates safely on one.

Currently, Tesla has not yet reached the edge of performance that it has to actually split the functionalities between the two systems.

Current Tesla holders need not worry as the Tesla Self-Driving computer will be easy to install. You just need to remove the Nvidia System and place in the Tesla Computer.

Tesla currently has half a million cars already on the road. All of these cars are fitted with the Camera and Sensor suits to monitor and aid autonomous navigation. Hence, it is quite evident that there is a definite large inflow of data from all those cars out there on the road. All these data on the car’s behaviors provide valuable insights into the Autonomous Behaviour under Autopilot, acting as inputs for the development and refinement of the new system.

Elon also said that owing Tesla is like having an ‘Appreciating Asset’ and that cars with Self-Driving Technology are worth 5-10 times than cars without it. This is so because Electrification and Self-Driving Technology are major revolutions happening in the Automobile Revolution.

What do we think?

Tesla is working on a Self-Driving Computer of its own. We think that, in the longer run, Tesla’s computers might replace the Nvidia systems being used right now. One reason why Tesla’s computer could be the better performer is the fact that Tesla currently has half a million cars on the road with Self-Driving suits comprising a combination of cameras, sensors, and radars. Inputs from such massive flow of data can help refine their Self-Driving Technology and supporting systems to the fullest.

We also agree with Elon on the fact that Self-Driving Cars are going to be worth more than their counterparts owing to the inevitable Self-Driving Revolution in the Automobile Industry.


Source – Lex Fridman