With the Tesla Sentry Mode, You Can No Longer Get Away with a Crime

Tesla Sentry Mode was one of the most celebrated Tesla updates of recent times – in fact even more than the Autopilot. Released along with yet another infamous Tesla update, The Dog Mode, Sentry Mode aims to keep an eye out for thieves, and haters who plan to mess with your car. In case of any such incidents, the Sentry Mode would just shout loud an alarm alerting the owner while recording the live incident. It is the Self-Driving Camera Suit of the car that helps in the video recording.

Now, this particular update from Tesla is winning hearts with its magnificent way of doing what it was actually designed for. Tesla owners have been taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sharing their experiences with the Sentry Mode. Most of them were seen sharing videos and shots captured by the Sentry Mode on attempts of theft or damage to their cars.

tesla sentry mode

A Tesla Model S | Source – Tesla Press

Below three incidents signify the importance of the need to have a feature such as the Sentry Mode. –

Sentry Mode catches a Hater making a dent on a Tesla Model 3

In a video uploaded by TesLatino, a lady could be seen as purposefully making dents on a Model 3. It can be clearly seen that the lady hiding her hands behind her bag was slowly making scratches on the car using her keys. She was doing this while she was boarding her dog on to her car which was parked near the Model 3. This footage was recorded by the left repeater of the car. TesLatino also added that the police were notified of the issue and hater was possibly in handcuffs.

tesla sentry mode

Source – Tesla Press

Sentry Mode Records Construction Workers Denting a Tesla Model 3

Another case in which the Sentry Mode came to the rescue is when a group of construction workers made dents on a model 3. The workers were trying to take out one of their trucks during which the truck hit the rear end of the car leaving dents. The owner says that the alarm functionality of the Sentry Mode helped him arrive at the spot on time catching the construction workers red-handed. Though the workers denied that they hit the car, the video footage taken by the Sentry Mode brought out the bitter truth.

Sentry Mode Stops a Possible Theft

According to a report in Engadget, Sentry Mode was able to stop a possible theft attempt. The attempts of a possible break-in were captured by Sentry Mode which was then used by the owner Jed Franklin to report the issue to the police. Thanks to the video that gave up the face and number plates of the thieves, the police was able to put the guy in cuffs.

Apart from the above-mentioned instances, there are lots of other possible theft, denting and hater attacks that were averted by the timely intervention of the Sentry Mode. In cases where aversion may not be possible, the criminal can still be caught red-handed, thanks to the video recording feature.

It is the concept behind the Tesla Sentry Mode “You can no longer Get Away with a Crime” which makes it one of the most needed features in any vehicle, especially in the current time where thefts and break-ins are rising in extremely huge numbers.

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Images – Tesla Press