Tesla Update Rolls out Model 3 Leasing and Autopilot as Standard Option

Tesla has released three major updates to its product lineup. It is worthwhile to note that some of these are really customer-centric aimed at increasing user experience and customer’s accessibility to Tesla’s technology and Cars –

Autopilot to be a Standard Option

All of Tesla’s models will now have the Autopilot as a standard option than being an add-on feature. Earlier, while ordering Tesla’s cars online, the Autopilot was an extra feature that you add to the purchase for an additional $ 3000. Tesla attributes this decision to the fact that cars driven with Autopilot were found to be much safer than ones without it. Autopilot also makes navigation seamless and easy even in dense traffic conditions.

tesla update

The Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now available at $31.45k with Autopilot

Standardizing the Autopilot features ensures that all Tesla cars being sold from now on utilizes the Self-Driving feature which directly transforms to increased customer satisfaction. Hence, if everyone has an autopilot built-in, customer satisfaction is really taken to the next level – and this time, it is not an option.

Since Teslapromised full Self-Driving capability by end of this year/early next year, the standardization could also be a move towards gradually increasing the number of Self-Driving Tesla cars on the road. This move would actually allow all future Tesla owners to enjoy the perks of a Full Self-Driving Autopilot.

tesla update

A Tesla Model 3 | Source – Tesla Press

You can Now Lease the Model 3

Tesla has enabled a leasing option for those with burning money issues wishing to ride around in a Model 3. As said by Tesla in their newsletter, the leasing option will start with a small down payment and subsequent monthly payments. The leasing option which is now available online applies to all the Model 3 variants.

Tesla also mentioned that those customers who go for the lease option will no longer be able to buy the same car later in the leasing period. This is so because┬áthese cars will be added to Tesla’s Ride Hailing network as a part of the full Self-Driving Capability Deployment expected by the end of this year.

Model 3 Standard Option to be taken offline

Model 3 Standard option will no longer be a part of Tesla’s online store. In order to get a Model 3 Standard, customers will need to do the same via one of Tesla’s offline stores. The standard option will also be a software-limited option as compared to the Standard Plus. Customers can upgrade from the Standard to Standard Plus anytime and vice-versa (full refund when you step down from Standard Plus to Standard).

Tesla says that this move was triggered by the fact that most of the customer universe prefers the Model 3 Standard Plus over the Model 3 Standard and that taking out the Standard Plus from the online store altogether will help Tesla create a better experience for the customers.

What do we think of these updates?

Though all the three updates were consumer-centric, we believe that standardizing the Autopilot deserves a wide round of applause. This move from Tesla will ensure that every future consumer will have the added benefit of enjoying one of the most celebrated technologies of Tesla, whether they choose to or not.

Enabling a lease option for the Model 3 was also quite the thing to do as this will help people with a budget to still ride around in one of their dream Tesla cars.