The Hyundai Elevate Seems Too Good to be True


At CES 2019, Hyundai was seen as unveiling one of its most innovative concepts ever. The concept referred to as Hyundai Elevate goes completely beyond the definition of a traditional car.

In other words, this concept vehicle from Hyundai can do everything that a traditional car cannot. With the Elevate, Hyundai is changing the definition of a Traditional Automobile.

When we refer to what the cars cannot do if the sudden thoughts in your mind point to that of Walking, Jumping and everything else that humans are capable of, then a part of your assumptions are actually correct.

The Hyundai Elevate is capable of different types of motion as compared to a traditional automobile which can only roll on its wheel into the front, back and lateral sides. The Elevate is capable of Driving, Walking, and Jumping, enabling it to be an all-terrain vehicle.

Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai Elevate in Reptilian Mode | Source – Hyundai

Bottom line, no matter how hard the terrain gets, Elevate has been designed to easily slide through.

As shown by Hyundai in their video on the ‘Walking Car Concept’, Elevate operates in different modes. The modes include Drive Mode 1, Drive Mode 2, Walking Mode 1, Walking Mode 2, and Omnidirectional Mobility.

The Drive Mode 1 is characterized by Passive Suspension. This could be used to drive on places terrain is relatively less rough. The Drive Mode 2, however, has Active Suspension which kind of raises the vehicle a little. Drive Mode 2 is for the much-rugged terrains such as paths filled with considerably sized rocks.

Hyundai Elevate

Elevate Conquering a Rough Terrain | Source – Hyundai

Since the concept is that of a ‘Walking Car’, it comes with two Walking Modes. in Walking Mode 1, also called as Reptilian, the car walks similar to that of Reptiles. It raises its body a little and spreads the legs (wheels in this case) and adopts a slow-paced walking style. The walk, as shown in Hyundai’s resembles that of a crocodile’s walk.

Walking Mode 2 looks a lot more sturdy. This mode is called as ‘Mammalian’. The name does make sense, since, in this mode, the car lifts up its body to a considerable height and walks on its legs. The motion here seemed much more sturdy and faster as compared to the Reptilian Mode.

Elevate also comes with Omnidirectional Movement. This features combined with the above-mentioned Walking and Driving Modes will enable this Walking Car to conquer almost every terrain that we throw at it.

Apart from the modes mentioned above, the vehicle is also capable of jumping to and across a particular distance. This includes both horizontal and vertical jump.

On the outside, the Hyundai Elevate looks more like one of those space cars that you see in the science fiction movies. The entire body is capsule shaped with sharp edges with glass windows on the front and the rear. The main point to note here is that the Elevate can be accessed from all the sides. Hence it is ergonomic as well.

Hyundai Elevate

Elevate in Rescue Operations | Source – Hyundai

Ths possible use cases of the Hyundai’s Walking Car are countless. Owing to its innovative features, it could prove useful in Rescue Operations, Medical Emergencies, and even space explorations. The video itself depicts a possible application of Elevate as it assists in carrying out a Rescue Operation.

If the Hyundai Elevate actually comes out as shown in the video, the possibilities of this Walking Car are endless.

Check out the full video from Hyundai on the Elevate.

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