The Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell is a video-based Smart Doorbell which is capable of passing visual information of whose at the door, to the user. No Smart Home is actually smart if you do not have the proper security checks in place. One such important security check is identifying what’s happening in and around your house. With the conventional doors, where you just have a magnifying slit for peeping out to see whose outside, they are not at all safe since these slits have a highly constricted field of view. Same is the case with most of the modern video doorbells. Also, in most of the Video-Enabled Doorbells, the receiver screens are static and are installed at one particular place. Hence you will have to actually walk to the receiver screen to see who is actually at the door.

Nest Hello

This is where the Nest Hello Doorbell kicks in. The Nest Hello Doorbell is different from the other video doorbells in many ways. The first distinction is the fact that it is a smart device with lots of configurable and useful features. The first and foremost highlight of the Nest Hello is that it streams live video footage of the attached area using its camera. You can log in to the Nest App anytime and see a live feed of what is going on at the Doorbell. Apart from having the live feed available 24×7, you can always have a revision of the last three hours from the Nest App to backtrace any event that may have occurred. If you want feeds older than 3 hours, you can always pick a subscription plan from Nest Aware and have up to a 30-Day video history.

The Nest Hello has a stylish yet minimalistic structure with a Camera at the top and Calling Button at the bottom. Once a visitor presses on the doorbell, push notifications are displayed in the app. You can then select pre-defined commands which will be played for the visitor if you do not wish to open the door or if you are away from home. Once the response is selected, the same will be played for the visitor. The ‘HD Talk and Listen’ property makes sure that the visitor statements come in quite clear and crispy. The presence of Noise and Echo Cancellation further enhances the communication between the visitor and the user.

Pairing the Nest Hello with a wireless camera such as the Nest Outdoor Security Camera, you can also use the Face Recognition Feature. You can scan and configure faces forehead and once they come in at the doorbell, their names will be called out.

The Recording quality of Nest Hello is admirable. It gives steady, bright and well-lit HD videos of the door front. They are also equipped with Night Vision, hence ensuring that you do not miss out on anything just because it is dark outside. Yet another highlight of the video recordings of Nest Hello is that the image ratio is 4:3. The image ratio of 4:3 is really helpful for monitoring people since, in this ratio, you can almost completely see the person at the door.

Additionally, even if a person doesn’t ring the doorbell, Nest Hello can detect a visitor at the door front through motion detection and accordingly alert the user.  Hence, Poachers or Thieves are done for. No one can sneak up to your home anymore.

The Nest Hello also has something called the ‘Quiet Time’, activating upon which, the bell doesn’t ring out loudly, but sends in notifications to your phones. This is particularly helpful when you have kids or toddlers at home. You do not wanna the doorbell to wake them, considering how difficult it is to put them back to sleep.

If you are planning on setting up a Smart which is to be secured from Poachers and Thieves, The Nest Hello is something which could be of great use to you.


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