Tomy Rizmo, The Toy that Grows With Your Kid’s Love, Affection, and Music

Rizmo, also called as the Evolving Musical Friend, developed by Tomy is an interactive toy that responds to the love and affection provided by the kids, and evolves proportionally as per this interaction. The main theme of this toy revolves around the kid’s interaction with Rizmo based on love, dance, and music.

Rizmo is introduced as a space creature that travels to earth searching for love, dance, and music. The evolution of Rizmo is configured to happen in three main stages.

The first stage is the Baby Rizmo where it is just a cute ball with just two eyes. After you play with it long enough to score the required points, it will evolve into the next stage which is the Kid Rizmo, which again evolves into the Rizmo once you score enough points by an interaction rich in love and music.

Kids can play around with the Rizmo in many ways. It comes with 7 different play modes, all designed to keep the kids entertained. The play modes include Swing and Talk, Record Soungs (and Rizmo sings it back to you), Music Maker, Dance Party, Color Challenge, Rolling Rhythms, Rock-A-Bye Rizmo.

Source – Rizmo

Rizmo not only reacts to your continous cuddles and music, but also starts reacting when you ignore it for a while. It gets all grumpy when ignored beyond a particular duration. You will then have to start the love and music session to cheer it up.

As of now, the Rizmo comes in three different colors – Berry, Aqua, and Snow. Each of these colors come with two music themes. For eg, the Berry comes with two musical attributes – Berry PopStar and Berry HipHopStar. The catch here is that the musical attribute of the Rizmo will not be know to you at the time of purchase. It is entirely left to the kids to nurture it with music and love, grow it, and then unlock the music attribute.

One would say that the Rizmo is a pretty good attempt at developing a toy as well as a close companion for kids (ages 6 and up). It gives you a chance to raise and nurture something from ground zero, thereby putting within the children a little bit of responsibility in its own cute way.

Yet another aspect that we liked about Rizmo is the suspense associated with the what musical attribute each Rizmo will exhibit after fully growing up.

Rizmo currently comes with a price tag of $59.99 and can be bought here

Image/Video Source – Rizmo