Upcoming Amazon Alexa in Ford Cars Helps You Sync Smart Home with Your Cars

Ford, one of the largest Auto manufacturers in the world are taking the idea of implementing Smart Assistants in cars quite seriously. For this, they have now chosen Amazon’s Smart Assistant Alexa. In a recent article from NDTV Auto, Ford cars may soon come implemented with Amazon Alexa Support. The Microsoft Sync 3 Applink will be utilized to deploy Alexa into the multimedia systems of the cars.

Having personal Assistants powered by Core AI in cars is not a fresh concept. Many luxury car manufacturers already have personalized AI Support for the driver. These are the kind of systems that also take vocal inputs and accordingly act per the same, while at the same time they are also capable of certain situations on their own.

What makes Ford’s idea unique and innovative is the fact that Smart Assistant being offered here is Amazon Alexa. Alexa, in terms of user base and device support, is one of the largest and one of the first Smart Assistants in the world. A notable percentage of Smart Homes inside and outside the US are powered by either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Similarly, in the Auto Industry, Ford also has a huge number of consumers throughout the world. Hence, the overlapping customer base for this connected technology may turn out to be really impactful.

Amazon Alexa Ford

Source – Ford

When this concept really comes into the picture, the impact that it can have on Smart Device Integration is huge. This will basically integrate your Smart Home with your car. You will now be able to control your Alexa based devices in your home from your car. For example, while driving to the office, you can check in on the Door locks, Home Temperature (thermostats), baby monitors, Video Doorbells, and everything else in your home that Alexa is linked to.

Apart from controlling or monitoring your smart home devices, with the Alexa installed in your car, you can quickly get information on traffic, route details, quick headlines, beauty/fashion tips for the day, and temperature readings.

Now that you can control your Smart Home from your car, you can also expect to do the reverse. You may be able to control or monitor some of your car’s features from your home. The use cases for these depends upon the extent of permissions that Ford provides to Alexa. Some of this may include Locking/Unlocking your car, monitoring oil and gas levels, monitoring and regulating the cabin temperature, seat heating, and aircheck.

As of now, it is not quite clear on whether Ford plans to deploy Alexa Support to all of its models, or a selected few. However, it is highly likely that this facility is going to be enabled for all the Ford Cars irrespective of the model.




Source – NDTV Auto