Voice Controlled Delta Faucet

The Voice Controlled Delta Faucet, as the name suggests, is voice controlled. You get to control pretty much all of the Delta Faucet’s functionalities with vocal commands via Amazon Alexa. Once you pair Alexa with the Delta Faucet, you are ready to go. The commands are actually given to Alexa, which routes it through the Delta Faucet and the functionalities are hence executed. You don’t actually call out the Delta Faucet. It is Alexa that you call out and pass commands to.

Delta Faucet

The user can give commands to turn on and off, which is to dispense water of course. The user can also specify the amount of water that needs to be dispensed. The typical commands as given at Delta Faucet are “Alexa, ask Delta to turn on”  or “Alexa, Ask Delta To Dispense one cup of water”. The amount of water that needs to be dispensed can be mentioned in some of the most common units such as Cups, Millilitres etc. You also have the ability to create custom commands to dispense water. These custom commands can be configured at the website device.deltfaucet.com. This will help you modify and create pre-defined commands according to your dialect.

Apart from asking the Delta Faucet to turn on/ off and dispense a controlled amount of water,  you can also command the Delta Faucet to heat water, if required or even fill a bottle of water, in which case, it automatically turns off, once the water is up till the brim.  The Delta Faucet had LED notifications to notify of the water’s warmth so that you are actually warned if the temperature of the water gets too high. The same LED lights also give warning notification when the batteries expire and need to be replaced.

The Delta Faucet will be a great help in the kitchen by helping you multitask particularly for working Mothers and people with toddlers. You can fill in the bottle with water as you cut Vegetables. All you have to do is Ask. The usability of the Delta Faucet is not restricted to these two. Imagine a situation in which both of your hands are so dirty that you don’t even feel like touching the Faucet. With the Delta Faucet, all you have to do is Ask.

The Voice Controlled Delta Faucet will require a socket to be installed near it since it requires a continuous and uninterrupted supply of power for batteries for its proper functioning. Other than the continuous Power Supply, it does not require much maintenance activity.

Coming to the looks, the Delta Faucet looks really stylish with smooth shiny curves and minimalistic design. It is stylish, and at the same time, has a classic feel to it. It is also very easy to wipe off any dirt or other residues from the Delta Faucet. Hence the ergonomic factor is also satisfied.

For those looking to Automate their home, The Voice Controlled Delta Faucet will be a great addition. They are currently available at Amazon and comes with a Life Time Warranty.


Image Courtesy – Delta Faucet