Sedric to be VW’s 1st Contribution to the Self-Driving Car Segment

Sedric will be the VW’s first contribution to the Self-Driving Car Segment. Sedric will be a level 5 Vehicle with full autonomous capabilities. To be a bit more specific, there are 6 levels of automation (starting from 0). Level 0 is what is know as ‘No Automation’ and it moves all the way up to Level 4 (Highly Automated) and Level 5 (Fully Automated). Level 5 Automation will include the Car taking up all of the ride control under all circumstances.


Volkswagen Sedric | Source – Volkswagen

Sedric marks VW’s entry into the world of Self-Driving Cars. It is boasted to be a highly intelligent vehicle capable of doing a lot of stuff – this includes automated drops, pickups, and navigation, picking up your parcels and parking by itself. All the functionalities can be controlled via the help of a Smart Phone Application. It is also an all-electric, fully connected and fully automated car. It can independently perform almost all operations. Touching just one button opens the doors. All you have to do is get in for the ride.

Volkswagen Sedric is also designed to be more of a Personal Assistant during the journey. It has the capability to involve in Conversations with the passengers. The Passengers can actually talk to the car on a variety of trip-related topics such as their destinations, route, traffic, trip duration, configuring routes and even about the interesting stuff that you could find at your destination. Once this car drops you off, it moves on to find a parking spot or a new passenger.

Based on what we can see from the concept images, the car looks really appealing, minimalistic, compact and sustainable. it has a ‘Van’ like structure and comes with ample space to comfortably accommodate four passengers. The passengers will be seated in two rows facing each other, with two passengers in either row. In the place of the windscreen is a large Interactive Screen which the passengers can use to interact with car.

Sedric employs a Self-Driving System based on Artificial Intelligence, 360 degree LIDAR Laser, RADAR, Multiple Cameras, Ultrasound Sensors, and Realtime Updatable Digital Maps. Being an all-electric vehicle is battery powered by the Modular Electric Drive Kit and is nearly noise free.

Based on a statement from Peter Wouda, Design Director, VW Europe, mentions that Volkswagen Sedric might make possible the idea of Shared Autonomous Fleet which helps you share your car with your friends or family or even monetize the same while you are not using it meaning that it has been designed to act as Personal as well as a shared mode of transportation. Sedric is more than just a car, and on a more broader perspective represents Volkswagen’s vision on Autonomous Navigation.

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Image Source – Volkswagen