Volvo and Luminar Couples up for a Highly Advanced LiDAR System

Volvo and Luminar have coupled up for developing highly advanced LiDAR Sensor which they displayed at the 2018 Automobility LA Trade Show held at Los Angeles. Volvo was seen as talking on the same at Twitter.

Volvo and Luminar

Volvo’s Tweet on the latest Luminar Technology | Source – Twitter

This latest Luminar LiDAR Technology with an improved range that can detect up to 250 meters. This is currently the highest range possessed by any of the available LiDAR Technologies (approximately 10 times of the existing technologies)

This particular form of advanced LiDAR Technology developed by Luminar in collaboration with Volvo is expected to push the LiDAR applications in Autonomous Navigation to the next level. What is to be noted here is the level of detail which this LiDAR technology promises to achieve.Volvo and Luminar

The level of detail delivered by these advanced sensors is to such an extent that they can detect individual human shapes, actions, poses and body parts such as arms and limbs. This level of detail has not yet been achieved before.

According to Volvo, Autonomous Navigation and Safety goes hand in hand. They envision future which is fully autonomous, connected and electric. This LiDAR technology is expected to put Volvo much closer to their agenda of upholding the importance of Safety in Autonomous Navigation.

The CEO of Luminar, Austin Russell was quoted as saying, “For Autonomous Vehicles to truly become reality, they need to be able to reliably see and understand the world around them in 3D”.

According to Austin, this is what Luminar promises to achieve. He also added that they have been working with Volvo to develop this technology.

The Luminar LiDAR Technology was created with intention of making the Self-Driving Cars to completely understand and interpret the world around them. Luminar’s sole focus is on both performance and safety at the time.

With its newest Sensing Technology, Luminar makes it possible to safely react to unexpected situations even with speeds as high at freeway speeds.

Henrik Green, the Senior Vice President of Volvo Car Group was seen as mentioning that the newest Luminar Technology shares their ambitions in making Autonomous Navigation a reality. He further added that this newest Luminar Technology was developed by a combined collaboration between Volvo Engineers at California and members of Luminar.

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