Volvo Self-Driving Cars Gets Permission for On-Road Testing

Volvo Self-Driving Cars have now received permission from the Swedish Transport Agency Transportstyrelse for testing their Self-Driving Cars. Per a report from Reuters, the permission comes to Volvo Veoneer Joint Venture Zenuity for testing Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles on Swedish Roads.

Though the permit allows testing of Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars on the road, it does come with a few restrictions. The permit necessitates the need for a Safety Driver behind the steering wheels at all times. The vehicle, however, will manoeuver autonomously. The Safety Driver is to take control of the vehicle in emergency situations.

Apart from the presence of the Safety Driver, the speed of the car has also been limited to a top 80 kilometers per hour.

volvo self-driving cars

A Volvo V60 T8 in Sweden | Source – Volvo

The Self-Driving Car companies such as Zoox, Cruise Automation, Waymo, and many others were also imposed of similar restrictions on speed and presence of Safety Drivers in the U.S, particularly while being given permits for Autonomous Testing on Californian Roads.

According to a report in the Verdict, the roads on which Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars will be tested are E4, E6 and road 40.

The European Route E4, with a total length of 991 miles runs between the North and South end sharing the border with Finland. The European Route E6 is relatively long with a with a length of 1,919 miles running from North to South, connecting Gothenburg and Malmö (which is also the third largest city in Sweden). The third highway, Road 40, also called the Swedish National Road 40 runs between Gothenburg and Västervik and resides in Southern Sweden.

Volvo Self-Driving cars seem to be a little behind other Self-Driving Car companies in terms of on-road testing and deployment of their Self-Driving Technology. This comparison is particularly notable with U.S. Companies, most of which already have self-driving cars on the road.

Currently, Waymo seems to be leading the Self-Driving Segment. They have already deployed a commercial fleet of Self-Driving Vehicles in the streets of Arizona. The initiative called Waymo One allows a selected few to use the ride-hailing application to summon Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars. Other startup companies such as Cruise Automation, Zoox, and Uber also have their Self-Driving test fleets on the road.

Zenuity is not the only joint venture by Volvo Group in the Self-Driving Segment. Last year, at the 2018 Automobility LA Trade Show held at Los Angeles, Volvo and Luminar had announced an association for developing highly advanced LIDAR System for Self-Driving Cars. These LIDARS will be characterized by an improved range that can detect obstacles up to 250 meters.

Yet another association of Volvo in the Self-Driving Segment is that of its deal with Uber. As a part of this deal, Volvo will deliver around 24,000 units of the XC 90 SUVs for implementing and deploying Uber’s Self-Driving Technology.