Voyage Auto CEO Explains How Self-Driving Cars are Best Suited for Retirement Communities

Voyage Auto CEO Oliver Cameron, in one of his recent blog posts, was seen to share his thoughts on how Voyage believes that the Self-Driving Cars are best suited for the Retirement Communities and also on what sets Voyage’s methodology apart from other Self-Driving Car companies.

He was seen as expressing on how the Self-Driving Technology should be deployed at a simpler and slower pace by solving the daily problems associated with commutation by concentrating on Safety and Performance at the same time.

Oliver’s idea does make sense, since, Self-Driving Technology is something which is new to the public and hence a technology of such power and impact should be made available to the public at different points over the course of time, instead of putting everything on the plate at once.

In the Villages | Source – Voyage

This is so because the safety associated with Self-Driving Cars are still being debated. There is still a major section of the population that doubts the safety associated with Self-Driving Cars.

Voyage Auto had recently got permits for testing its Self-Driving Cars in The Villages. For those of you who are not aware of Retirement Communities, Retirement Communities are mostly spaces or housing colonies designed and developed for old people.

Per Oliver Cameron, the best medium for testing Voyage’s Self-Driving Cars is Retirement Communities. The main reason for this is that these are the slow pace of life associated with these communities.

The Villages are characterized by lower speed limits and lesser traffic as compared to normal roads. Though the traffic density is less as compared to a normal setting, these communities are characterized by the presence of almost all facilities that you find in an urban setting. These include Theatres, Shopping Malls, Restaurants and so on.

Voyage Auto

In the Village | Source – Voyage

The presence of these facilities necessitates the need for cars, especially self-driving cars which could take all these people from their source to destination.

Yet another highlight on Self-Driving Cars in Retirement Communities are the need for old people in having them driven to their locations. As you age, your vision and reflexes gradually go down. In most of the cases, driving for commuting becomes an almost impossible scenario. This is where Self-Driving Cars could be of great help.

One of the main reasons for which the idea for which the Self-Driving Cars came out in the first place was for safety. Since these cars are designed to stick to traffic rules at all times and also to maintain adequate speed and safe driving techniques, they are all the more suited for the older section of the society.

Oliver was also seen as mentioning that Voyage Self-Driving Cars in Retirement Communities is just the beginning and that with time, they do have plans to deploy their technology and make their cars available for broader sections of the population.

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