Waymo and MADD Join Hands to Tie One On for Safety This Holiday Season

Waymo and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) has decided to join hands this holiday season for the ‘Tie One On for Safety’ Public Awareness Program. For those of you who are not aware of ‘Tie On for Safety’, it is an initiative launched by MADD in 1986 to bring about an awareness among people on not mixing drinking and driving. It is, in fact, one of MADD’s longest running Public Awareness Program on Drink and Drive to date.

Waymo and MADD

MADD Tie One For Safety Ribbons | Source – MADD

How the Tie One On for Safety works is that people are asked to pin a Red MADD Ribbon onto your car during the Holiday Season (Nov 1st to Dec 31st), on a spot with sufficient visibility to let others know that you are a non-drinking driver. This, in turn, will help people to locate and take rides in cars driven by people who are sober. This came about because the number of accidents caused due to drunk and drive in the holiday season is much higher compared to that on other parts of the year.

Waymo and MADD

The Tie One for Safety Initiative is really special this year due to the entry of Waymo in this Public Awareness Program. As a result of this the, all the Waymo Self-Driving Cars in the Phoenix and Bay area will get fitted with the Tie One for Safety Ribbon to demonstrate the importance of not mixing drink and drive. This is done in hopes of encouraging people to not mix drinking and driving this holiday season. Waymo was also seen tweeting the same on Twitter –

Waymo and MADD

Waymo’s Tweet on its collaboration with MADD | Source – Twitter

This initiative from Waymo makes absolute sense since one of the sole purposes that lead to the idea of Self-Driving Cars was to cut down on the number of accidents caused to human errors. Waymo supporting MADD’s campaign is a perfect example of a technology upholding the reason for its birth.

MADD’s Chief Government Officer, J.T. Griffin in a statement to Business Insider had mentioned that they have been working closely with Waymo and other companies to promote the importance of how safety can be better achieved through the use of Self-Driving Technology.

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