Fully Autonomous Waymo Electric Cars are the Next Big Thing

After the successful launch of its Commerical Self-Driving Program, the Waymo One, the company is now focussed on developing and deploying Fully Autonomous Waymo Electric Cars.

Waymo boasts that the Waymo Electric Cars will be the first premium Electric Self-Driving Vehicle in the world.

As a step towards developing Self-Driving Technology for Electric Vehicles, Waymo has already struck partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. The flagship model for testing the Autonomous Electric Car will be the Jaguar I-PACE.

John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo was as seen unveiling the Self-Driving I-PACE on ‘Waymo Livestream Unveil’. He said, “Waymo and Jaguar Land River have entered into a new long-term partnership. To start, we are going to design and engineer a Self-Driving Jaguar I-PACE equipped with Waymo Technology. This is a production-ready vehicle with Self-Driving Technology that is ready today. These vehicles will start testing this year and will become part of Waymo’s Driverless Transportation Service. With this partnership, we can add up to 20,000+ I-PACES to Waymo’s fleet in the first two years of production”

John also added that having multiple models will offer the customer a broader list to choose from. Having the I-PACE will help Waymo offer a premium option to the people at affordable prices, since it will be a shared fleet.

John also touched upon why the I-PACE was the next best vehicle for Waymo. He attributed the selection of the I-PACES to a variety of factors. Some of which are –

  • I-PACE has the perfect size suited for City Driving
  • Its Modern Electrical Technology is well suited for Waymo’s Self-Driving Technology
  • The I-PACE has the world’s latest and safest safety standards
  • Big Fast Charge battery allowing the car to run all day long

Waymo had also earlier mentioned in one of their blog posts that the testing of Self-Driving Electric Cars has already commenced in 2018. Along with Chrysler Pacifica Minivans, Waymo’s Self-Driving I-PACE will also be now seen more frequently on the roads of Arizona and California.

Waymo Electric Car

A Waymo Self-Driving I-PACE | Source – Waymo

In the coming two years, as John had mentioned, Waymo hopes to deploy nearly 20,000+ Electric Self-Driving Cars to its fleet on the road. 20K+ is a huge number considering the fact that these Cars will come with Autonomous Navigation and will be Electrically Powered.

Waymo also estimates these numbers are sufficient to cover nearly One Million Miles every day.

The order for 20,000 I-PACE will also prove beneficial for Jaguar since this is a big order for Jaguar considering the fact that selling out 20K+ Electric Cars at this point could be challenging for any company.

This strategical move from Waymo makes sense as electric cars are the future with fossil fuels running out an exponential rate.

Waymo Electric Self-Driving Cars will definitely face a lot of competition in the ‘Electric Self-Driving Segment’. The most notable competition would be from Tesla Motors. Tesla already has established itself as a dominant player in the Electric Car Segment.

Waymo Electric Cars

A Waymo Self-Driving I-PACE on the streets | Source – Waymo

Tesla Cars also come with Self-Driving Technology in the form of Tesla Autopilot. The Tesla Cars have already completed nearly a Billion Miles with Autopilot enabled. The Autopilot is also being continuously being upgraded by Tesla on a time to time basis.

A recent post from Elon Musk in Twitter also hints towards a major upgrade for the Autopilot – one that may allow the car to completely navigate on its own.

However, if Waymo seems to stick more to the public sector by focussing more on the Self-Driving Technology in Taxi’s or shared fleets, whereas Tesla is more into the private sector.

But gradually, Waymo will move from Public to other sectors of transportation. John Krafcik, CEO Waymo did mention the same in ‘Waymo Livestream Unveil’ as well. The Waymo Electric Self-Drivig car was unveiled during the same event. To Quote his words, “We are building businesses in Ride-Hailing, Logistics, Personal Use, and connecting people to Public Transportation”.


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