Waymo To Produce Self-Driving Cars in Michigan

Waymo, the Self-Driving Car Company, through one of their official and most recent blog posts announced that they will be expanding their Self-Driving Empire to Southeast Michigan. The expansion will come in the form of Manufacturing Units where Waymo will be seen deploying its Self-Driving Software and Hardware packages into Chrysler and Jaguar Cars.

Waymo was also seen as tweeting the same through their official Twitter Page. The tweet mentioned their expansion into Michigan, MEDC Support and creation of hundreds of jobs in the process.


Waymo’s Tweet on their expansion into Michigan | Source – Twitter

According to a report from the Union Bank of Switzerland, the Global Self-Driving Car market may roll up to $2.8 Trillion in the future. Of this, 60% (amounting to approx $ 135 billion), is expected to be owned by Waymo. This ranking credited to Waymo could be considering their current position in Autonomous Driving Sector in the wake of the advancements and success that the Waymo Self-Driving Cars have achieved.

With the kind of progress that Waymo is making, we¬†can expect the above figures to come true. The Waymo One, an Autonomous Ride-Sharing Service marked Waymo’s first Commerical Entry. Now, with Waymo’s expansion into Michigan, the America Synonym of Auto Industry, we can further confirm that this Self-Driving Car Startup is pushing hard on the pedal.

With the upcoming manufacturing units in Michigan, Waymo plans to start producing Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles. Per a report in TechCrunch, the MEDC was highly supportive of Waymo’s entry into Michigan. They did so by approving nearly 8 Million Dollars for the project.

As of now, Waymo plans to produce its Self-Driving Technology fitted Chrysler Pacifica Minivans and Jaguar I-PACE. These are the same models that Waymo used in Early Rider Programs and test rides in Phoneix, Arizona.

Per a blog post from Waymo, the first step in expanding to Michigan will be finding a suitable location for the Manufacturing Unit. Once the location is finalized, the next step would be to create a network pool of talented professionals to run the units. This step is expected to create around 400 new jobs in Southeast Michigan.

Waymo also mentioned that it would be moving into an existing Manufacturing Unit and will not be building a new one.

John Krafcik, Waymo CEO was also seen as tweeting the same through his official Twitter page. John’s tweet also mentioned that the upcoming units will be focussed fully on producing Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles and hundreds of jobs in Michigan.

John Krafcik Waymo Michigan

John’s tweet on Waymo in Michigan | Source – Twitter