Waymo One – The Most Awaited Google’s Self-Driving Taxi Service is Now a Reality


Waymo One, Waymo’s first commercialized Self-Driving Service has been launched. This step towards commercializing Waymo’s Self-Driving Technology will make it more accessible to the public.

The launch of the Waymo One is a major milestone in the Alphabet’s development of its Self-Driving Technology. After a considerable amount of investment of Money and Resources for almost 10 years, Waymo has put itself much closer to commercializing its fleet of Self-Driving Cars.

Launched in 2009 as Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, Waymo has had a huge incremental curve when it came to the development of its Self-Driving Technology. Today, with the launch of Waymo One, Waymo has created history by becoming the first company to launch a commercial fleet of cars with fully equipped Self-Driving Technology.

It is now quite clear that in the future of Autonomous Navigation, Waymo might possibly be the largest stakeholder since it has outrun most of its competitors by a long distance.

Waymo was seen as sharing the release of the Waymo One on their Twitter page. The tweet from Waymo read, “Today, we’re taking the next step in our journey with the introduction of our commercial Self-Driving service, Waymo One in Metro Phoenix”. Waymo was also seen sharing a small documentary highlighting the most notable moments from its decade-long journey.

Waymo One

Waymo’s tweet on the launch of Waymo One | Source – Twitter

John Krafick, the CEO of Waymo also took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Waymo One. He shared Waymo’s Tweet and tweeted, “Today Waymo is taking the next step in our journey by introducing our commercial Self-Driving Program Waymo One in Metro Phoenix”.

Waymo One

John’s tweet on the launch of Waymo One | Source – Twitter

He also expressed his pride in what Waymo has achieved over the course of a decade and his excitation on what is to come for the company.

If you are thinking of getting a quick ride in Waymo One, you might wanna put a hold on that thought. Currently, Waymo One has been opened up only for the residents of Phoenix and the members of its Early Rider Program. There is no need to get disappointed though. Waymo has promised to gradually make the Waymo Self-Driving Taxi Service available to more of the public as they slowly expand their fleet of Autonomous Cars.

Another reason why they may not want to open up directly to the public is that of the fact that Self-Driving Technology in real-world applications is completely new to the public. Hence it would be a wise decision to make available the same over a period of time.

Similar to other online car booking apps, Waymo One allows you to summon Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars with the help of the Waymo Mobile App. You can select the pickup and drop off points. Once you are done selecting your source and destination, the Waymo App will then show you the route and approximate duration of the trip. Once you confirm the ride details you are good to go. You can use your card to pay for the trip.

Waymo One

UI Depiction of the Waymo App | Source – Waymo

The Waymo Self-Driving Taxi service will be monitored by Waymo’s drivers. This is to account for any critical situations when a human interference may be required. This will also add to the confidence factor of the riders in taking the Waymo Self-Driving Taxi Service.


Waymo will also continue its test trials and the Waymo Early Rider Program in Phoenix. They may also be seen continuing their test rides on the streets of California as well, now that they achieved permits for the test in CA.

The continuation of the Waymo Early Rider program will provide them to test new developments and technologies before actually releasing them on to Waymo One. Waymo was also seen as mentioning that the Early Rider Program is also being gradually modified to not include safety drivers and that they hope to deploy the same in Waymo One over time.

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