PAVE Campaign to Bring Together Major Self-Driving Car Companies


CES 2019 will witness a major bulk of Self-Driving Car companies coming together to partner with the PAVE Campaign.

Partners for Automated Vehicle Education abbreviated as ‘PAVE’ aims to educate the public on Self-Driving Technology so that the public is made aware of the impact the Self-Driving Cars will have on the Transport industry as well as their personal day to day lives. Waymo, Aurora, PAVE and many other Self-Driving Car Companies were also seen as tweeting on the associated partnership,

pave campaign

PAVE Campaign Tweets at CES Las Vegas

Per Kelly Nantel, Vice President, Communications and Advocacy, National Safety Council PAVE is a broader and diverse group with not just Self-Driving Car Companies, but also Non-Profit Organizations, Academic Institutions, and Other Stakeholders.

The combination of partners in PAVE is truly commendable as it brings together some of the most  diverse group of stakeholders, all with a unified mission on educating the public on Automated Vehicles.

Some of the notable names in the PAVE Campaign include Cruise Automation, Waymo, Toyota, Voyage, Intel, Aurora, Daimler, Audi, GM, Zoox, INRIX, SAE and National Federation of the Blind.

In the near future, a lot more of Automated Vehicle companies and Similar Organizations can be seen joining the PAVE Campaign.

pave campaign

Waymo’s Tweet on Association with PAVE | Source – Twitter

Sooner or later, the Self-Driving Segment is going to take over the Transportation Industry and hence it becomes highly necessary that the public is properly educated and kept informed so that they can equally contribute and receive their fair share in the growth this life-changing technology.

The safety associated with Self-Driving Technology is still being debated by a major part of the public. There is still a major chunk which believes that Self-Driving Technology is not safe. The recent attack against Waymo Self-Driving Cars by some of the Arizona Residents is proof to the fact that not all people are ready to welcome Self-Driving Cars anytime soon.

Oliver Cameron, CEO Voyage Auto, comments that Public Trust is important for Self-Driving Cars and that no one company can do it alone. Hence it is crucial that all companies come together to educate the public on the importance of Automated Vehicles

On a general note, almost all of the companies involved in building Automated Vehicles believe in the fact that people need to be educated and made aware of this technological disruption.

Making people aware of the Safety associated with Self-Driving Cars is just one step. What is equally important is that the people are also made well aware of the capabilities associated with Autonomous Vehicles. The will need to know how the Automated Vehicles can actually make the road safer at the same time be informed how their daily lives would actually be made easier.


Deborah Hersman, CEO, National Safety Council and also Chief Safety Officer at Waymo, mentions that the PAVE Campaign can bring about a world where there is less hype and confusion around these technologies, but there is more awareness and knowledge about what these Automated Vehicles can do vs what we have on our roads today.

If PAVE becomes successful in its mission, that could be a huge boost to deploying and operating Self-Driving Cars.