Google Waymo Self-Driving Cars are Closer than we Expected

Waymo Self-Driving Car has gained a lot of public attention in recent days. In fact, it is one one of the most talked about innovation in the Automation World.

It has been nearly 7 years since Google Stepped into the world of Autonomous Cars. Waymo, the Google subsidiary company pioneers in building Self-Driving cars.  If the Autonomous Taxi Service from Waymo succeeds to achieve what it promises, the age of Self-Driving cars are much closer than we have imagined. Waymo plans to release Autonomously Navigated cars for Taxi Services, a taxi service similar to Uber – one that you could summon with your phone (an Application Perhaps). The App is set to launch in Arizona soon enough.

Waymo is currently busy developing a fully automated taxi service, trial runs of which are being run now in the complicated streets of Arizona. These trial runs are additionally complemented by the support from the residents of Arizona through the Early Rider Program, a program in which approximately 400 families are a part of. Currently, in the test runs, each car is accompanied by a driver for safety reasons and emergency situations, if any.

Waymo Self-Driving Car


In a statement provided by Waymo’s Chief External Officer Tekedra N. Mawakana in an exclusive to the CBS This Morning, mentioned that with 10 million real tests and over 6 billion miles in simulation, over hundreds and thousands of tests, they have arrived at the fact that Self-Driving Technology can make the road safer. She also mentioned that Waymo is ready to give more people the opportunity to ride and added that Safety is the topmost priority at Waymo.

Based on a report from the Union Bank of Switzerland, the Global Self-Driving market may roll up to $2.8 Trillion in the future. Of this, 60% (amounting to approx $ 135 billion), will be owned by Waymo, considering their current position in Autonomous Driving Sector in the wake of the advancements and success that the Waymo Self-Driving Cars have achieved.

Waymo boasts to have fitted its car with the best technology available to make the autonomous rides safe and efficient. Waymo uses LiDAR, RADAR, Advanced GPS and High-Resolution Cameras for its functioning.  Each of these is used to pick different inputs required in analyzing and understanding the environment for better navigation.

LiDAR is used to get an idea of the world as it appears in 360 degrees around it. This is achieved by the release of laser beams in all directions. RADAR helps to detect the distance at which different objects are located. High-Resolution cameras are used in understanding the environment further by analyzing visual information. All the gathered information is combined and analyzed to understand the environment around it. It can do this to everything surrounding it at a span of 360 degrees and are even capable of predicting, to some extent, what these objects might do next. These analyses can be done over a distance extending to up to three football fields.

Also, the Waymo Self-Driving Car keeps on learning from each and every trip that it takes. Considering the fact its taken over millions of test miles in real urban traffic settings, it would have gained a lot of experience when it comes to situational decision making.

Waymo Self-Driving Car is expected to be released to the folks of Arizona sometime late this year or early next year. With the tremendous amount of development that Waymo is making in the Self-Driving industry and considering the positive feedback from the trial users, we can expect to see the Waymo hitting the streets as one of the earliest Self-Driving Taxi Services.

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