Waymo’s Focus on Safety and Commercialization – The Company to get Chief Safety and Commercial Officer

Waymo’s focus on Safety and Commercialization has been taken to the next level. They did so moving a block closer to safety by appointing a Chief Safety Officer and a Cheif Commercial Officer for the company.

Waymo's Focus on Safety and Commercialization

Deborah Hersman | Source – Wiki

These steps make sense since now that Waymo has had a considerable number of successful test rides in Pheonix and also having received the permit to start their tests in California, they are very much closer to commercializing its fleet of Self-Driving Cars.

Deborah Hersman and Amee Chandee will be seen taking the roles of Chief Safety Officer and Chief Commercial Officer respectively. Deborah Hersman has great expertise when it comes to Transportation Safety. She was a board member and former Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. Prior to joining Waymo, she was also the CEO and President of National Safety Council.

Amee too has held a lot of leadership positions in some of the topmost organizations. Amee was the Managing Director of Global Strategy and Operations at Alibaba Group before taking up the Chief Commerical Officer role at Waymo. As the Chief Commercial Office, Amee will be foreseeing and managing the company’s commercial operations.

John Krafcik, Waymo CEO was seen as tweeting on how proud he feels in welcoming these two experienced leaders to the Waymo family. Someone with Deborah’s potential could really add to Waymo’s topmost priority of Safety. John had also stressed on multiple occasions that Safety remains their No 1 priority at Waymo.

Waymo's Focus on Safety and Commercialization

John welcoming Deborah and Amee | Source – Twitter

Amee also took to Twitter to express her excitation in joining Waymo as its First Chief Commercial Officer. She was seen as tweeting “Excited to be joining Waymo at this incredible time”

Waymo's Focus on Safety and Commercialization

Amee tweets on joining Waymo | Source – Twitter

Deborah with her extensive expertise and track record in Transportation Safety will provide an additional edge to Waymo. She believes that by joining Waymo at this point would help here to create the maximum impact in eliminating road accidents. She was also seen as expressing the same in a press meet.


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