What Can the Amazon Echo Dot Do?

What can the Amazon Echot Dot Do? – This is one of those frequent questions asked by most of the Echo Dot owners,  and also by people, who are yet to be Amazon Echo Dot owners. This is a very important question since it justifies the sole purpose of owning a Smart Assistant – to get your thing done without much effort

So let’s find out – What can the Amazon Echo Dot Do

The 3rd Generation of the Amazon Echo Dot  is far more improvised and comes loaded with a lot of features as compared to the 2nd Generation Echo Dot.

What can the Amazon Echo Dot do

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)


Regular Vocal Conversations 

You can ask the Echo Dot all sorts of questions.  You can ask on the Weather, Food Recipes and pretty much anything and everything else that you would want to know and Alexa tries its best to give you the most accurate responses.

Organize Your Day

Amazon Echo Dot can create To-Do-Lists or Shopping Lists based on your vocal commands. Alexa can also periodically read out your To-Do-List when asked for and this helps you to keep track of where you are with your tasks for the day. You can also set Reminders, Alarms, and Timers for completing your daily tasks, whenever needed

Control Smart Devices

You can control a wide variety of Smart Devices with the Amazon Echo Dot. Once these devices are connected with the Echo Dot, you can then control and customize the functionalities of each of the connected smart devices. Hence the Echo Dot is a great way of having a centralized regulating system to control some of the Smart Devices in your Smart Home. To cite an example, when the Phillips Hue is connected with the Echo Dot, you can give voice commands to regulate the lights. You can ask to turn the lights On/Off, Change Colors and Adjust the brightness.

Make your own Stereo Speaker

You can combine two Echo Dots to create a Stereo Speaker System. One Echo Dot can be made to act as the Right Speaker and the other Echo Dot as the left speaker, thus giving a Stereo effect once you start playing the songs. It need not always be two Echo Dots. Stereo System can also be built by combing One Echo Dot and Echo or the Echo Plus.


A Pair of Echo Dots or an Echo or Echo Plus can be combined to create an Intercom. Once you connect and configure the Intercom feature, you can use them as Intercoms. You can give commands to the Echo Dot in one room and your command will be broadcasted in the next room in which you have the other Echo Dot.  This is particularly useful when you have kids or elderly in rooms that you need to monitor.

Control your Video playback with Fire TV Stick

You can vocally control your video playback with the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick without having to use the Remote Controller. You can give in commands to play any Video as well as control the playback operations such as Start, Stop, Pause and Next.

Shop on Amazon

Echo Dot and Alexa can assist you while shopping on Amazon. Once you link your Amazon account, you can ask Alexa to order any product and it places the order for you. For eg – “Alexa, order Rite Bite Protein Bar for me”. It then gives you all the details of the product that you had just requested to place the order for. Once you confirm, Alexa places the order for you and returns with confirmation and the expected delivery date. You can also ask Information, Reviews and Suggestions on various products.

Time Pass

Echo Dot can be a good time passer for you. You can casually talk to it on a lot of subjects. One advantage of conversing with the Echo Dot is that you get to talk for any duration on subjects of your choice and your choice alone. Alexa will be completely patient with you and talk to you on all that interests you. You can also play games such as Rock Paper Scissors, Blackjack and many more.

Funny Conversations

You can have a lot of funny conversations with the Echo Dot. You can ask really funny questions or ask for jokes and the Echo Dot replies make the conversations funny and interesting

Readout Stories

Once linked with your Amazon Account, the Echo Dot can also read out stories for you. This feature is definitely a plus for your kids or those of you who still enjoy bedtime stories.

These are not the finite list of things that the Echo Dot is capable of doing. You can always try new things by adding new skills to Alexa and customize the same to suit your needs.  If you think the Amazon Echo Dot would be a perfect companion for you, you can always get one at Amazon.

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