What is Amazon Alexa Guard and How it Keeps Your Home Safe

Amazon Alexa Guard is a home security feature that is capable of integrating with the existing echo products for enhanced Smart Home Security. Alexa Guard adds an extra set of eyes and ears to secure your smart home when you are away.

Though it was officially launched a couple of months back, it was not until now that Amazon has made it available for the Alexa users.

Amazon Alexa Guard

An Amazon Echo Plus | Source – Amazon

Alexa Guard keeps a check on all those items, with if not monitored could go wrong in an uninhabited home.

Once you are away, Alexa Guard switches the speakers to Guard Mode. While in the Guard Mode, the speakers alert the user in case of occurrence of an unusual situation at home. These include unusual sounds such as Smoke Alarms Going off or glass breaking. Notifications, in case of any such occurrences, are sent to the users’ smartphone.

Amazon Alexa Guard can also be integrated with other categories of smart devices to ensure a combined relationship for Home Security.

One typical example of such a relationship is the integration of the Alexa Guard with the Smart Lighting Systems. Once the Alexa Guard is integrated with your lighting system, you can configure it to automatically turn on the lights when you are not home, giving outsiders a false impression as if there is indeed someone residing at your place.

Alexa Guard’s integration capacity also extends to security kits from Ring and ADT. The smart devices from Ring can be configured with the Alexa Guard to create a combined reactive system for Home Monitoring. The Security Panel API can be used for integrating the Alexa with these smart devices.

Amazon seems to be investing heavily in the Smart Home Security Segment. In recent times, Amazon was seen to have unveiled a notable number of Security products including the Alexa Security Panel and Alexa Guard. Recently, Alexa is seen to have increased its support and integration capabilities for Security Devices such as Video Doorbells and Locks.

The Alexa Security Panel, for instance, lets Alexa drop in on how your security systems are working.

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